The Urgent, Brave, And Noble Quest For Your Intellectual Independence
The Urgent, Brave, And Noble Quest For Your Intellectual Independence

Tuesday • July 4th 2023 • 10:38:59 pm

The Urgent, Brave, And Noble Quest For Your Intellectual Independence

Tuesday • July 4th 2023 • 10:38:59 pm

It is actually just books, that keep the world from unraveling.

And narrated books, are an invention like none other.

All the problems in the world, are rooted in misunderstandings.

And we have to come together, as intellectuals to put an end to them.

The adults that you are taught to listen to, thought themselves in a knot.

They cooked up stupid ideas, like the west or east, or the right, and the left.

Or carbon credits, or just not caring enough.

And put the world in the state of, Mutually Assured Destruction.

Into the prison of World Poverty, and completely failed to protect schools.

Your school is not just a diploma mill, it is a paycheck mill for all the crappy teachers.

Politicians buy votes by touring the nation, or sitting on an election carousel…

Where eventually, everybody gets elected, just by chance.

And it gets worse, national borders, standing armies.

Nuclear weapon stockpiles, pollution, and human activity induced climate change.

And it gets even worse, because indoctrination is used for profit.

You can think of our base knowledge, from teenage years, as a view of the world.

A kind of an operating system really, because your belief influence your actions.

Indoctrination is being used, everywhere, to manipulate our operating systems.

Religions, politics, national divisions, and whatever political sides exist.

Are pretty much created by indoctrination, by manipulating our views, beliefs, minds.

In some places, nations destined for war, even ineffective education is being withheld.

Most adults are too crushed by poverty, to ponder any of this.

And the false leaders only benefit from that, nobody asks any questions.

There are some people in the world who would say, chill, just live your life, it is how things are.

But they are wrong, it could be their teenage kid getting busted for drugs.

Or sent to fight in a war, that will snap them out of it.

You really have no choice, but to become a great being.

Rise by means of your wisdom, inherited from books an synthesized on your own.

And fuel your view of the world, with knowledge that can only be begotten…

From a lifetime of learning from books, thousands of books.

Intelligence is not genetic, it is a function of the number of books you listened to.

It is proportional to how many great adventures you set off to, in order to make peace of mind and time, for those books.

You have no choice because without your first thousand books, you will be a victim of indoctrination.

In some places it can be deliberately crafted, in most places, it is just some combination of easy things that lead you nowhere.

Your first ten beautiful books, will multiply your intelligence many times.

Your first 100 books, will change your life.

This is so important, that you can quit your job, you can drop out from school, you can disappoint your parents – it is OK.

It is OK, so as long as you have life changing books in your ear, helping you inherit lifetimes of wisdom from countless great beings.

There is one person, that you may not disappoint, and that is the elder you.

You may not go through life, just to end up regretting the decision you made.

Make room for narrated books from the library, make room for books, make room for books…

Set your mind free of invisible prison walls, become an intellectual, an unbreakable…

Get to the narrated books, take you time.

Inherit lifetimes of wisdom, so that you don't just relive mistakes and lives that were already had.

There is nothing more important, than ensuring your beliefs and views your own.

Go to the library, and one by one, listen to all the narrated books.

It is your right, it is your intellectual inheritance, it is the future of everything and everyone.