Don't Ignore Problems With Education
Don't Ignore Problems With Education

Monday • January 10th 2022 • 9:53:46 pm

Don't Ignore Problems With Education

Monday • January 10th 2022 • 9:53:46 pm

Your parents should not think of school as a babysitter,
they need to care about you learning for real.

They should care,
if school is working of not.

Merely getting through it,
will rob you of knowledge.

You can't really graduate from a broken school,
real graduation requires real knowledge.

If the teachers aren't teaching,
then like every other person in the world, they can't get paid.

Cramming is not something you invented,
it is something you got manipulated into.

Cramming, or any kind of memorization,
is not education, it is a trick.

To know something, requires that you comprehend it,
that you are able to navigate through the knowledge network within.

This isn't something,
that you can sort out later.

People are selling you out for paychecks,
they are taking advantage of your lack of experience in life.

The teachers are the men who sold the world,
one crappy paycheck at a time.

This crime is not without consequence,
Vaccine Hesitancy, Loss Of Species, Loss of The Amazon...

Climate Change,
and even Mass Incarceration are the result.

Until the world is ready to see that schools are not working,
you need to take the responsibility for your own education.

It has never been more pleasant,
Narrated Books, quality Lectures, and enlightening Internet Videos make self education easy.

But you really need to push for it,
you need to break away from the Standardized Curriculum.

You have to build your own educational path,
in the sequence that matches you best, at the right pace, and driven by your greatest questions.

That is how you build Knowledge Networks,
and they function the same way as Memory Palaces.

When you learn things that are relevant to you,
to the best version of your elder self, it stays with you for life.

Not only that,
but the things you learn for real also teach you how to think.

How to spot liars and manipulators, how to be strong,
and how to think like the Great Beings and Authors you admire.

When you learn for real you don't just walk away with a formula,
you make friends across history, you reinvent-along with them in a way.

The gravity of theft of real knowledge and proper comprehension,
is greater than all the other disaster combined.

Because fake education is an attack,
an attack that aims to disable you.

There is no conspiracy,
the teachers aren't fully aware of what they are doing, their education is fake too.

If you were to gather all the teachers and principals one in a room,
and show them the consequences of their fraud.

All they could say, is,
"How were we supposed to know?"

They won't even suspect that poverty fractured them,
they will swear by their education and paychecks, and experience.

Without real education the world can't even see,
the invisible toxic prison walls of poverty.

Without real education,
We can't grow out of our mistakes.

The World is asking you,
and your generation to become Great Beings.

Help the world learn for real,
and understand, and comprehend.

In the absence of teachers,
you must become a teacher.