Advancing Humanity: The Narrated Philosophy Books
Advancing Humanity: The Narrated Philosophy Books

Thursday • November 17th 2022 • 8:24:44 pm

Advancing Humanity: The Narrated Philosophy Books

Thursday • November 17th 2022 • 8:24:44 pm

If you haven't grown up listening to wise philosophy books, then something has gone wrong.

The world is not meant to be stuck in poverty, an no one should be raised to serve, or to be convenient.

The number one thing dictatorships always do, is get the books out of people's hands, they ban them, they burn them.

In more modern nations, it is somewhat backwards, nobody says a thing when books are not, narrated.

Nobody protests, when culture makes fun of nerds, and the boring and ineffective books are spoon fed.

Nobody says a word, where the cool thing to do is not to be a book worm.

Not even, a "whopsie, we didn't notice book worms were shamed."

Or the more common, but really just downright mad,

"Honestly, we just didn't know that making kids read shitty and boring books, then grading them down when they couldn't understand them, would push them away from books later in life".

And it is never about reading "later in life", that is toxic and loaded, meaningful, and life changing books that help us resume where the previous generations left off - must come first.

For all those teachers out there that teach us they care, they never seem to appreciate how a young person's vocabulary can multiply from narrated books.

Perhaps even before, the students know how to read with fluidity, I suspect many teachers, make fun of narrated books, and push them away.

It is time to make a list of all the best parts of most beautiful books, and not just narrate it, but perform it.

And call it a ready made gift for the little ones, so that all they have to do to start learning, our best lessons, is press a button.

It is the same gift that a library is, but it is a lot harder to stain it, to make it seem geeky, or nerdy, or uncool, or uneducated.

Until we are granting this gift to young people, the way religious cults grant their "gifts".

Every parent or guardian, should make one on their own, and always make sure that it is there.

A hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand powerful books, a play button away, where no bully nor teacher, can shame, or judge, or ridicule, a child, student for pressing it.

Teaching kids to read, and write, has nothing to do with getting them to listen to narrated books.

That these two are combined in schools, that we teach kids to read, and show them "Well this is what books are like."

Is as vile as burning powerful books, because when books are burned, people notice they are under attack.

But when books are made to seem like a chore, and boring, and optional, that is an attack, of the worst kind.

That is the equivalent, of countering of a move, standing not one but two steps ahead, and countering it, before it is even made.

And the move, is denial of knowledge and wisdom, and dignity, strength, forcing students to re-start at zero, instead of where the previous generation left off.

The potential for disaster is so high, it just doesn't even matter, who - if anybody, when or why, if it is a conspiracy, project mayhem, or our collective un-education.

It only matters that the denial happening. that humanity stands still, circling mistakes that were already had, once, or too many times before.

We must notice, that children grow, without listening to beautiful and powerful books, about, growing all the way up,

All the way up, until they become, Great Beings.