You Must Unlock Your Genius
You Must Unlock Your Genius

Monday • November 28th 2022 • 11:28:54 pm

You Must Unlock Your Genius

Monday • November 28th 2022 • 11:28:54 pm

Don’t tell anyone you are doing it, don’t even mention the word.

Find a narrated version of Bill Bryson’s. Short History of Nearly Everything.

And use it as the lattice, or scaffold, for your real self education.

Don’t read the book, books are meant to be heard, you have to listen to it.

The most important thing, is your path, this is where everyone gets it wrong, young or old.

Your path is not to be dictated by your family or local culture, but the highest of achievements of great beings.

And you have to be really careful, who you call great.

There is a parade of fools and lairs out there, doing and excellent job at pretending that they are not bat sh*t incompetent.

You have to carefully forge your path, along the lifetimes of wisdom you inherit from books.

The short version is, that the only place a shortcut can take you to, is right back to the beginning, where you started.

Drugs and alcohol, will rob you, of half a century of your life, they are exactly like going to prison.

And all this nonsense about temporary relationships, or becoming a man, has come together to create a books like Missoula.

There are no shortcuts in life, you must learn about the world from wise books, and nothing less.

Everything that immediately surrounds you, is warped.

Teachers will make fun of Bryon's book, some will tell you that philosophers are crazy.

All the while pretending to teach, by making you think that memorization is a magical form of education.

It is only a way for them to get you to pass tests, you have been sold out for little paychecks.

Walk up to your teacher git now, look her in the eyes and ask her, “Did you sell me out for paychecks.”

They sold you out so that they can put food on their table, but teaching was never just another job.

The narrated books that are held in high esteem by all the world’s intellectuals, at least for now, are the only real teachers that we can have.

You are an artist, you just need a wall projector, you are a composer, you just needed a real teacher.

It is all there, it is all really there, your genius is just waiting for you to begin your self education.

Where you follow only what calls to you, in a sequence that fits you best, and at your won pace.

Do not let the schools scare you, with homelessness or hunger.

Poverty exists, because of fake schools.

Fake education and the resulting fake-it-until-you-make-it lifestyle, will always try to drown you.

Of all the things you can start young, programming is most comfy and light-weight.

And as you grow, you will not need a warehouse for your products, and the only raw materials you need are dreams.

You don’t even need a soldering iron, or paint brushes, everything in the world of programming is forged out of thoughts.

Aim to build a series of startups, be it on your own or with aid of investors.

Do not hope to fake it until you make it with fake schools, instead, learn for real, build for real.

The strong base, that we all look for to build ourselves upon, is found in the parts of wise books that take our breath away.

Unlock your genius, seek out knowledge, inherit and synthesize and discover wisdom.

May you grow all the way up, until you stand as a great being.