Your Intellectual Inheritance
Your Intellectual Inheritance

Sunday • December 6th 2020 • 11:47:30 pm

Your Intellectual Inheritance

Sunday • December 6th 2020 • 11:47:30 pm

We all start with a Great Dignity, and Great Nobility,

we are full of genius and imagination, and impossible dreams.

We have to take good care for that,

and use our Dignity and Nobility to transcend all limits, and beyond.

There is a very tiny probability,

that we maybe all the intelligence and impossible dreams that the universe has ever seen.

Either way, we are royals, we are special and beyond impossible,

our ability to learn, to out-learn, to out-think, to abstract, is infinite.

We created these little schools that double as babysitters, and distractions,

but we need to make them second to our real education.

And our real education comes from about a thousand books we pick on our own,

and listen and read to throughout our entire life, noting must interfere with that.

You just need to take one step to get the taste for wisdom,

listen to top ten adventure and travel and or hiking or jogging audio books.

The way your spirit grows from taking part in other peoples adventure,

will show you, by subtle analogy, what the countless other steps will help you become.

A wise and great being, adventurer, some kind of an amazing genius,

and a beacon of hope, and light of inspiration, and love.

The lessons you choose with your own heart and mind,

are far more important than the lessons others are trying to make you cram for.

Books will grant you wisdom that will help you avoid regrets,

they will enhance your decision making and long term visions.

Books belong to you,

their wisdom is your intellectual inheritance.

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