Programming Is A Superpower
Programming Is A Superpower

Wednesday • April 14th 2021 • 10:50:16 pm

Programming Is A Superpower

Wednesday • April 14th 2021 • 10:50:16 pm

You don't really want to write your programs,

you need to get good at program architecture, and programmer coordination.

You want to come up with a system,

where many people can work on your big programs at the same time.

Writing little programs is fun,

a one person program can become a piece of art.

Programming has a lot to do with creating universes,

any kind of universe, in any kind of shape.

Remember that inner fractal tesseract scene from interstellar,

that is where you go when you create universes.

It is a place where everything is strangely slid,

except it is not as dramatic as the movie, and you can interact with everything.

You go into a world where anything,

can be anything you want.

Things CAN get exotic if you put your imagination to it,

creating a world in Inform 7 can be a wonderful experience.

Writing your own virtual world creation programs,

where you can create abstract graphics and bend physics to your will can be fun.

Creating 2D games, scrolling games with Pixel Art and all kinds of new game mechanics,

as in Mari0 (spelled with a zero) can be an amazing experience.

And games are the least of it,

programming robots, drones, submersibles, to cross the Atlantic, automatically race, or fly in swarms... is like taking games outside.

And the moment you put that on the internet,

you'll get job offers, and nobody is going to ask you if you completed High School or not.

Then, there is the research zone, there are mountains of white papers,

and just as many helpful explanations, so programming can be both Art and Science.

And programming can give life to mathematics,

it can make all those formulas start moving.

It is also a very useful tool for business, or product creation,

or creating things out of thin air, like a magician.

While programming is a form of art,

learning programming is an art too.

You learn how to learn,

and you learn to spot liars that clam to teach.

When you are learning for real at home,

you get front-row seats to watch the fake education experience.

Programming is really empowering,

when it comes to the battle against poverty.

Something that schools do nothing about, if not downright perpetuate by charging money,

and not reasonable or restrained sums, but the maximum they can get away with.

Learning programming, is not about memorizing the languages,

but practicing programming by creating curious little things and having fun.

I always thought about programming as inventing, watchmaking, and tiny universes,

but Karlie Kloss calls Programming a superpower, and I think her explanation is the correct one.

If I had to recommend a starting project,

it would be generative art, that can be printed out on big canvas and displayed in galleries.

Programming art it is a fun way to learn about math,

and get started with 3D printing, electronics, and robotics.

Computers really are,

the future.