Little Treasures in Our Hearts
Little Treasures in Our Hearts

Wednesday • May 20th 2020 • 11:22:12 pm

Little Treasures in Our Hearts

Wednesday • May 20th 2020 • 11:22:12 pm

With each little triumph, we add to our treasures,

and it grows over time, it grows beyond measures.

Sometimes, it all starts in loneliness,

but it quickly fills up as it reaches silliness.

And so, we carry our fancy treasure chest,

we take it with us on every quest.

It is not possible for it to get lost,

and nobody else can touch it - at any cost.

In no way could it ever be sacrificed,

and no robbers could ever stage a big enough heist.

Little chest in a safe place deep in our heart,

it serves to light the fire that fuels our art.

It prevents us from walking in reverse,

it helps to make our existence more diverse.

It also adds a great deal unto our beauty,

as it drives us to create out of love, and not mere duty.

All those petite little things that make us proud,

also make us stand out in a crowd.

So it also serves as a lighthouse with a bright beam

that lights the way betwixt us, and our dream.

I think one reason why nobody ever mentions it,

is because it is too sacred, to just talk about it.

But I want to remind you, my Dear Friends,

that sometimes we need to look through this lens.

Your treasure chest will show you,

a picture of you that is most true.

Oh, don't worry if you have only one thing,

it is still a treasure, it still makes you a Queen or King.

We all have a few simple treasures when we start,

but they grow as we use our heart to turn our life to art.