Where Can A Book Take You Anyway?
Where Can A Book Take You Anyway?

Wednesday • January 11th 2023 • 11:16:05 pm

Where Can A Book Take You Anyway?

Wednesday • January 11th 2023 • 11:16:05 pm

First allow me to explain, why travel is important;

The molecules in your body, or jewelry, come from a sun you’ve never thought about before.

We live by a third generation star, the ones that came before helped to ignite it.

Gold comes from suns, that burst out their hearts to create new stars.

Now allow me to tell you, how to understand a book.

You have to become a warrior, and lift yourself off the ground.

And lean into the winds of change, and bellow with rage and laughter.

And when you pushed, everything in your way away.

You will have then made, a sacred space, where only saints can visit.

Here you don’t open a book, books are not meant to be read.

Unless you are the first narrator, books are meant to be heard.

Because they are not about words in a sentence. but the wisdom that inter-weave in a chapter.

Just like you can’t really hear music from a page of notes, you can’t really hear the wisdom from a page of text.

All the narrated books are your inheritance, they are free at the library.

And just like you can’t inherit wisdom, by merely looking at text.

You can’t hear the narration, not really, without a backpack on your shoulders.

Without a fallen branch, turned a dear walking stick and companion.

You can’t really hear a book, without the smoke of last night’s fire in your clothes.

You won’t be able to hear everything, unless you are stepping around tree roots in your well worn shoes.

You won’t quite catch the formation of the universe, without a chipmunk to show you both the why and the way.

Sure, each book, of course carries, it own destinations, but your body must also move in harmony with the universe.

Wisdom needs oxygen, it needs nature.

It is not enough to ask why, of foolishly mutter “then what?”.

You have to rise, and step around the trunk roots.

To catch, the answers.

To see that your aches and pains, can stand for unimaginably more.

So as long as you rise, and prevent others from aching too.

You have to get up, and get a backpack, and go.

And smile, because this is the one way road that you want to travel on.