The Linux Lord
The Linux Lord

Sunday β€’ October 2nd 2022 β€’ 5:46:23 pm

The Linux Lord

Sunday β€’ October 2nd 2022 β€’ 5:46:23 pm

Linux User Plays Cruelest Joke EVER on Coworker

Yuki Installs Gentoo

New To Linux? Learn The Jargon!

Linux in 100 Seconds

Why so many distros? The Weird History of Linux

How To Be A Linux User

Switching to Linux be like...

When Linux met r/unixporn

When Linux Met Unixporn Pt.2

How it feels to use Gentoo


Linux Directories Explained in 100 Seconds

Linux File System/Structure Explained!

Learning the Linux File System

Explaining File Systems: NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, ext4 & More

Shell And Bash

Bash vs ZSH vs Fish: What's the Difference?

Bash commands to not look dumb at the Interview...

Bash in 100 Seconds

Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial For Beginners - Bash Basics in 20 Minutes

Shell Scripting Tutorial

Bash Basics Part 1 of 8 | Access and Navigation

Bash Basics Part 2 of 8 | Creating & Editing Text FIles

Bash Basics Part 3 of 8 | Privileges and Permissions.

Bash Basics Part 4 of 8 | Finding Documentation and Files

Bash Basics Part 5 of 8 | User Accounts and Passwords

Bash Basics Part 6 of 8 | Managing Software

Bash Basics Part 7 of 8 | System Administration Tools

Bash Basics Part 8 of 8 | Bash Scripting

~/.dotfiles in 100 Seconds


Asymmetric Encryption - Simply explained

Introduction to Cryptographic Keys and Certificates


Linux Tip | How To Use SSH Remote Login

SSH Crash Course | With Some DevOps

SSH Keys

SSH Tunneling Explained

SSH Tunneling Explained With Examples

SSH Tunneling [Explained] | Reverse Shell over the Internet [WAN]


How HTTPS works

How HTTPS Works (...and SSL/TLS too)

How does HTTPS work? What's a CA? What's a self-signed Certificate?

How does HTTPS work?


Ubuntu Causes Girl To Drop Out of College

Why Linus Torvalds doesn't use Ubuntu or Debian


20 Fun Linux 🐧 Commands You should try πŸ’»πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

10 very promising Open Source Projects you haven’t heard of


I tried 10 code editors

Vim in 100 Seconds

A First Look At SpaceVim

Astro Vim - All in one Nvim config!!

Helix Text Editor: Better than Neovim?

Vim Versus Emacs. Which Is Better?

5 Reasons to Learn Emacs in 2021

6 Months of Org Mode Nearly Broke Me (Emacs Life)

A Tour of my Emacs Configuration


Raspberry Pi versus AWS // How to host your website on the RPi4

Creating A Raspberry Pi Web Server For My Home!

Mini Raspberry Pi Server With Built In UPS & Stats Display

4 Pis on a mini ITX board! The Turing Pi 2

The End

How Cyberwarfare Actually Works

Why Companies Like Google And Facebook Pay Hackers Millions

Hacker Rates 12 Hacking Scenes In Movies And TV | How Real Is It?

How hacking actually looks like.

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