The Chaser
The Chaser

Sunday • November 13th 2022 • 9:42:39 pm

The Chaser

Sunday • November 13th 2022 • 9:42:39 pm

How to Catch a 'Green Flash,' a Rare Sunset Phenomenon

Green Flash - Sixty Symbols

It's True: The Sun Really Does Flash Green

Sun And Moon Dogs

Epic Sun Dog Scene | 5 Suns Weather Phenomenon

Sun dogs and halos | Weather Wise Lessons

Polar Vortex, Sun Dogs, Rime Frost. Science of the extreme cold.

Moondog Mania

This Is Not a Rainbow

Anti/Crepuscular Rays

Houston Time-lapse - Crepuscular Rays - 2/1/2016

Crepuscular & Anticrepuscular Rays

Crepuscular rays time-lapse

Sun rays through the clouds - Maui, Hawai'i

What are Crepuscular Rays?

Tyndall effect

Enigma - Sadeness

Monochrome Rainbow

RED RAINBOW: A fisherman saw this rare red rainbow over a lake in Finland July 11

MonoChrome RainBow

Example of a Monochrome Rainbow

Rainbows aren't just arcs in the sky — they're actually full circles

How The Moon Creates Rainbows (MOONBOW!)

Circumzenithal Arc

What is a circumzenithal arc (upside down rainbow)?

Circumzenithal Arc

Circumhorizontal arcs in Chile

Light Pillars

What are light pillars?

What's that red light in the sky?

First it was Russia! NOW Japan! The Apperance of 'Pillars of light' in the World continues! #光の柱

5 Beautiful optical weather phenomena

Diamond Dust

ダイヤモンドダスト 「 DIAMOND DUST 」 北海道の絶景

Freezing Cold Air Creates ‘Diamond Dust’ ❄️ Epic Yellowstone | Smithsonian Channel

Diamond Dust | America's National Parks

Rihanna - Diamonds


The Eclipse Doctor Heads to Nebraska For Solar Eclipse 2017

They are called 'eclipse chasers'

Life advice from an eclipse chaser | David Baron | TEDxMileHigh

Sinéad O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U (Official Music Video) [HD]

Swamp Gas

lighting swamp gas on fire

UAF - 2010 - Hunting for methane with Katey Walter Anthony

Prank (Sorry)

Hot Damn! It's The Soggy Bottom Boys! | O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Miley Cyrus - Man Of Constant Sorrow (George Clooney Tribute)


Superior Mirage of Chicago Skyline from St. Joseph, Michigan 60 Miles Away

Superior mirage of a cargo ship

Amazing towering and superior mirage changing the shape of cargo ship on September 25, 2016

FATA MORGANA effect Piraeus 8 1 2017

Floating city in the clouds: Fake or fata morgana?

Shapeshifting UFO

Adele - Skyfall (Lyric Video)


The Enigma: Video captures flying objects that officials can't explain (2020)

FBI investigating mysterious drones over Colorado

Worlds FASTEST racing drone 145mph!!


Fastest FPV in the World. 265Mph.

Art Of Nature

What Is The Belt Of Venus?

ブロッケン現象(Brocken spectre)4K撮影

Mysterious circle of light spotted hovering over Beijing

'Earthquake light' appears in sky above Japanese city

Heiligenschein effect

Subsun hovering over Xhiggy's Meadow

Night of the Northern Lights

Tones and I: Dance Monkey (US TV Debut)


The Aurora Named STEVE

New celestial phenomena named Steve


A UFO? Swamp Gas? Nah, a Drone With a 50W LED on The Bottom!

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