The Theft Of Genius; Or, On The Mind Of Our World
The Theft Of Genius; Or, On The Mind Of Our World

Sunday • December 18th 2022 • 7:14:40 pm

The Theft Of Genius; Or, On The Mind Of Our World

Sunday • December 18th 2022 • 7:14:40 pm

Genius, not whim, and ineffective or fake, education, but our collective genius, is the mind of the world.

All it requires, is that you stop and think about it.

Genius can’t be tested on a test, it can only-really be appreciated.

There is nothing to it, just a journey across curiosities.

This journey is denied at first, so we have to break through.

It is denied by poverty, and the way thing are in the world.

It is denied by the well wishing, and most often by the inconvenienced.

It is denied by people who don’t know it, and by people who want to rule you.

The denial of real, meaningful, and effective Education…

The resulting Knowledge and Wisdom, and greatness.

Prevents us from growing up, and results, in poverty of mind.

Crime family based governments, do attempt to force it on purpose.

But in the modern world, away from such parasites.

Poverty of mind, or as we should call it:

The theft of genius, emerges, automatically.

Because we have a flaw, we blindly accept the culture that we are born into.

And by we, I mean generations.

The young and old, everyone.

It is hard to break out, the breaking out makes things worse, at first.

Maybe even, for most of ones life.

Historically, breaking out of, often meant being cast away.

Whether the theft of genius is designed, or emerges out of chaos…

Or already self propagates, in a run-away process…

Fed by lack of real schools, and ineffective education.

Where schools are but a business, that sells a mere impression of education.

It is always hard, to rise.

It has always been that way, and each time Humanity falters.

We will first have to rise, to the heights that we have once reached.

You stranger, are a genius, an inventor, and intellectual.

A force of nature, and a force of change.

You can walk unlimited steps, and rise to unprecedented heights.

But, you must first unlock it all, and I dare you not to pay a cent.

Because knowledge, is your treasure, it is your inheritance, and your right.

You must find all the narrated books, held in in high esteem by all the word’s intellectuals.

And listen, and inherit the wisdom, from thousands of lives lived well.

Make you way, to rise and stand on the shoulders of giants.

And may your works, help countless others to stand taller also.