What Is Eating The World, And How To Fix It
What Is Eating The World, And How To Fix It

Monday • March 25th 2024 • 11:59:31 pm

What Is Eating The World, And How To Fix It

Monday • March 25th 2024 • 11:59:31 pm

It is our nurture, because our nature is to rise, invent, and explore.

Every human being, has the ability to rise to greatness,

But false leaders, especially those who claim to be true.

Fear human greatness, and the resulting clarity and vision.

Denying education, and burning books, are clear examples of that fear.

What is harder to see, is when children are given the wrong books.

It is so hard to see that, that you missed it.

You think some of the titles you read, are classics, but they are poison.

They paint a picture, of the feeble failable human.

Cursed with some sin or similar, ordered to serve or submit.

Humans are not defined by their tragedies, real or manufactured.

We are defined, by our collective greatness.

Both in life by the choices that dictate our futures, and by means of our lasting legacies.

Take racism for example, it is a disorder born from poverty of mind.

A person being so poor in their head, that they hold up the very color of their skin as superior.

A book about history of racism, must come second to a book about human greatness.

To paint racism as something that happens, is an attack at the minds of the young.

Our favorite middle English story, paints love as a path to death.

To pull a book out of middle English, and paint love as tragedy, reveals dread.

To paint success as wealth as excess, and turn it into a cautionary tale.

Instead of enabling students, to rise with authentic knowledge - is an insult.

And to show how children will descend into tribalism, if left without leaders – is just propaganda.

Yes, as books in a library, these books are valuable, and so is their meaning.

But to present them to children, as the books they should start with.

Is something different, you will need to come up with your own name for it.

I only have a couple of four letter words for it, lets call it nurture, instead.

False leaders, even those who themselves, are victims of ineffective education.

Are incapable of leading human out of this, pattern of chain humanity down.

With fake education, with mandatory poverty, the warping of cultures.

I do not understand how Libraries exist, it is a miracle.

I once hear an atheist talk about inventing a church, for those who don’t even care to define themselves relative to theism.

And another simply said, yeah, it is called the library, yes.

The thing that is wrong with the world, is that the culture that we are born to, is small.

Compared to the Human Super-culture, where we are all one family, which is exactly what Human are.

The super culture contains, only the good parts of all other cultures.

And urgently aims to converge, on World Peace in a more intellectual and wiser mindset.

That convergence will be marked, by rejection of lairs, pretenders, manipulators, hustlers.

They will not be seen as political candidates, with great promises.

But rather as aged children, who are suffering from a growing up disorder.

Once growing up is muddied, and growing all the way up resented as optional.

We lose out aim, which can only be greatness.

To do both our older selves justice, and out fellow humans.

Small mindedness has and trapped in a cycle of wars, and protests that end in prisons.

Out of love for those who have lost their minds and lives, out of their greatness.

No argument against greatness can ever be made, therefore, you are charged with growing all the way up, until you become a great being.

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