Art Smart; or, The Power Of Seeing
Art Smart; or, The Power Of Seeing

Thursday • April 28th 2022 • 8:13:20 pm

Art Smart; or, The Power Of Seeing

Thursday • April 28th 2022 • 8:13:20 pm

There is nothing fancier than Art,
and it is never too late to start.

And creating your own art,
is a sure way to become super smart.

And all you need to start,
is your heart.

If you are not sure what to create,
take a picture of a fat cat that just ate.

Make getting the shape right your first goal,
use a transparent layer or project it on a wall.

Meditate and flow with the shape,
as painting can be a kind of escape.

With a touch or reflection,
you will become art-smart by your 50th projection.

As you notice that negative space wants to flow,
shapes, will become islands of tomorrow.

You will see that you never create a portrait,
you just build and wait.

Art helps us become whole.
it is a major part of our soul.

"I think therefore I am" muttered Descartes,
but that was only because he never tasted art.

More than a reward we can receive,
art is a gift that makes you believe.

Believe in your own mind-and-might,
and that your brilliance can add to make the world bright.

It is a path to self education,
a path towards a real graduation.

A path beyond Horace's Carpe Diem,
one to wake you from slumber and dream.

Neither pluck nor seize a day,
adding them all together is the right way.

Day to day, thought to thought, art to art,
rise far beyond merely wishing to be smart.

Let art awaken your power of seeing,
so that you may become a Great Being.

Title Painting Contest Entry and Time Lapse.

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