Eight Hours Of Programming Alongside A Robot
Eight Hours Of Programming Alongside A Robot

Sunday • November 12th 2023 • 10:49:50 pm

Eight Hours Of Programming Alongside A Robot

Sunday • November 12th 2023 • 10:49:50 pm

I am always programming computers, and the better I get the less haste I put into my art.

I like symmetry, I like it a lot.

And I like it best, when I am moving towards revolutionary ends.

I chose a project, that helps the world program.

I am making a visual programming language, and over, and over and over.

Each time learning, more and more and more.

This winter I thought to sit down to my challenge, with the Programming AI, and we chatted a bit.

And upon some requests, the AI begun returning useful bits of code.

The mathematical parts, especially, and framed in good programming conventions.

Many an hour is spent chasing why some value, falls behind due to rounding errors.

Or if native drag and drop can be fixed, or if it needs to be coded from scratch.

Or if the database sync can be made efficient, and what stands in the way of live mass collaboration.

The AI answers a lot of these questions, it wants the code bare-boned and simple.

Just the way good code is written, no framework or compilers.

Native web components, answering to setters, and creating a reactive system without reconciles.

Long story short, the boring code, can now be left to the AI.

And all the fancy invention, will beacon untarnished, still.

More than that, this is a call, a call for new programmers, as it is all a lot easier now.

AI or no AI, the world of programming is very rewarding.

You need not look farther, then working on your vision of a visual programming language.

Consider a web browser, where the web page loads in the invisible background.

And it is the data sources and streams that, show up, that you now can connect together.

To create your own vision, of the services beneath.

All you need to understand visual programming languages, is that it is all about envelopes with information traveling over wires.

The wires can have filters, transformers, and forks, installed on them.

And all of these simply consider the contents, of said envelopes of information.

Programming with a robotic companion is very strange, but it has the correct answers.

The paths most traveled by, in the computer world, those are very useful.

It is like having a strange and mysterious treasure map, you still do most of the digging, but now you know where the shortcuts are.

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