How To Improve Your Grades
How To Improve Your Grades

Tuesday • April 9th 2024 • 12:22:52 am

How To Improve Your Grades

Tuesday • April 9th 2024 • 12:22:52 am

You can’t, because the content has been designed, to merely make you behave as if you received an education.

You must memorize, and only memorization, of content or formulas can get you to graduate.

Your grade has also been predetermined, first teachers copied grades from unrealted classes.

And now, it is 1/3 A/s, 1/3 B/s, 1/3 C/s, if all the A/s are taken you are out of luck.

School is two things, a convenient babysitter for your parents.

A and a paycheck for your teachers, which do not really teach.

And in a lot of cases, most cases, interfere with your learning.

Math, that four letter subject, can be awesome.

Subtraction for example, is a title machine.

Where you pull things back, before zero, as is on a ruler.

If it is money, then what stick out on the left is debt, if it is candy, then with simple multiplication it becomes bad calories for the day.

But you are hurried along and forced to memorize, and you will be forbidden from discovering the machines.

If a teacher had to teach every student, their job would be hard, if not impossible.

Even art is denied to you, if you used the projector above your fake teachers head, you wouldn't need to learn art history, you’d eventually make it.

To give you another example that is math related, know that you are not supposed to do math on paper.

That is like learning how to use an operating system GUI, by drawing the user interface on a black board. And maybe showing a photo or two.

Math on paper is a way of burning math curiosity out of you, so that you are silent, obedient, and easy to control in desperation.

To start learning math for real, you need pixels, and I mean pixels as in Pixel Art.

And you need to sit down to whatever moves you, creating a fighting game, a space-time travel game, a screen saver, art generator.

And then after just a few days, a month at most, you independently reinvent diagrams, and a need for mathematical notepads.

You begin writing functions, with desperately named variables, as you try to hand on to your beautiful visions that got you into the function.

As you are learning programming and math for real, you will fail all the other subjects.

School is not for your education, it is for – to quote the hacker manifesto – pre-chewed bits of meat.

It is for 1/3 A/s, 1/3 B/s, 1/3 C/s, and encouraging you to take your classes in the local community college.

And then transferring to the University, in the final year.

The non-profit community college, wants you money, more than you have, via loans, it will sell you worthless expensive books…

And an impression of education, then you can slap on a university label on it, and hope no one will notice.

You can’t improve grades, they are predetermined.

You must instead improve your education, and the first and foremost is to avoid ineffective education as much as possible.

Second, you must avoid balanced education, because learning everything means knowing nothing.

You still need a profound picture of the world, but you get that from Carl Sagan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Bill Bryson books.

And that only takes a month or two, not counting al the times you reread them – which you should do often.

Effective education is roughly, you learning programming, creating some programs, getting funding, and becoming a business person.

All based on, authentic well integrated education at every step,

You can’t do everything alone, so someone will have to help you with funding, and taxes, and server, and security – but that’s business.

Ideas are everywhere, the main one you should focus on, is visual programming, as it greatly multiples the power of AI - full AI in every node.

Along the way you are sure to discover a million smaller ideas, those too can make money.

The main thing is that you must grant yourself a real education, you must hear every groundbreaking book, thousands of them.

You have to travel, to make room in life, and not just on a plane, but you have to at lease section hike part of Appalachian, Pacific Crest and Continental divide trails.

And finally, enabled by real education, by authentic experiences, and by both failure and success in life.

You can go back to school, now as a powerful and experienced intellectual, you can study subjects for real before you take them, and get you A/s.

Get your perfect GPA, but seeing how inauthentic it is…

How everyone around you is cramming, and they still get a passing grade without any real comprehension…

Graduation, would be, lukewarm, at best.

Your real graduation comes at the very end of life, in the shape of the lasting legacy that you leave behind.

Until then, your job is to rise authentically, and grow all the way up, until you become a great being.

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