The Little Trick That Makes Bro Science Stick
The Little Trick That Makes Bro Science Stick

Friday • February 9th 2024 • 11:50:24 pm

The Little Trick That Makes Bro Science Stick

Friday • February 9th 2024 • 11:50:24 pm

Bro science suffers from the shortcut mindset, where advice is about simple things done softly.

You have to switch from shortcuts, to challenge seeking.

So, wen you are told to find a weight that you can lift, a bunch of times, lyke, 5, 10 or 15, before needing rest.

You go the beginning of the rack, pick the lightest weight with an aim to lift it 10,000 times.

Or to the beat of fast music, one bet up, next beat down and repeat.

Now if 3 or 5 pounds does nothing for you after 30 minutes, because you already have muscles from work or being large.

Then yes, you are too strong for the first dumbbell, if that is really the case, I mean like really really...

Then just spend 7 days lifting the first that does nothing for you, as way to exercise the smaller muscles requires for standing.

Don't worry about lifting non stop, this is super easy, joggers do this allllllll the time.

It is a rare child that starts jogging non-stop the moment, they come down the chute - "see you later loosers, and ew, what the heck mom!"

Almost every one, runs, rests, runs rests, runs rests, and then runs but rests a litte less, and less, and less.

Until they can jog through their whole route, non stop, and sometimes chatting up a friend even.

I remember to this day how when I started jogging, two old dudes sprinted across my route, having a normal conversation.

They were not out of breath, or tired, they were speaking normally.

Talking during jogging is an amazing hack to improve your stats, but it was soul crushing for the chubby little me.

It has been nearly 20 years, those two old dudes can probably still outrun all of the teenagers.

When you continue improving your endurance, you eventually end up at the Olympics.

But don't do that, don't compete, not as a body builder not as an athlete.

I am warning you, don't let anybody or anything annoy you away from fitness, the real winners have no medals.

They have joy and health, and the necessary body wisdom to beat everyone without therm ever knowing.

This is you chance to be the best, and not wear it on your head.

Please note, that if you are large, you have to work your way up to 15,000 lifts or three hours to 170 bpm.

10,000 will give you impressive results but it is not enough for large people, the fat loss would require years instead of months.

Four hours is weird, I think electrolytes, tendons, shoes, become a real problem here.

I don't have an opinion about 3+ hour workouts, it depends on what you are looking for.

So, when you are told, to count how many times you lift.

And that you must lift a pre-set number, then rest, and do it again twice more.

You, do the opposite, you don't cont your lifts.

You just synchronize with a song, and lift to every beat.

A simple way to improve is to start with slow songs at first, and lift during some section of the song.

And when you feel stronger, lay siege on those sections.

And try to lift non-stop, for the duration of the entire song.

Alternatively, you can use an interval timer, that tells you when to start and stop.

But you have to work towards eliminating, all the rest periods.

So you make the rest period, shorter, shorter and shorter, until you get non-stop.

Finally, slowly and gradually increase everything, here the limit is your body's speed of adaptation.

It grows at its own pace, and you must respect that to avoid illness an injury.

Increase how often you go to the gym, until you are there 7 days

Or 5 if your exercise makes your body cranky, and you need to heal.

Find faster songs, and speed them up with Audacity or ffmpeg, look under tempo, as that will not alter pitch.

Eat less sugary things, and eliminate that, sugar and salt, is medicine, you only use it to stay healthy.

Eat more fiber, and protein, a salad with plenty of slices of ham can be pretty neat if you are large.

Get your protein from various sources, you only need the powder to avoid illness, or when you feel weak.

And protein powder with sugar in it, is just an excuse to eat more candy.

You have to switch your mindset, from making sweet excuses, to seeking out safe but gnarly challenges.

We are each meant to grow all they way up, until we become great beings.

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