It Takes A Backpack To Hear A Book
It Takes A Backpack To Hear A Book

Tuesday • October 24th 2023 • 11:01:59 pm

It Takes A Backpack To Hear A Book

Tuesday • October 24th 2023 • 11:01:59 pm

When someone feel that, they just can't listen to a narrated book.

They are not describing, a trait of their character.

They are simply not fully aware, of the stress that cuts their thoughts up.

And stress can come from little things, as well as big ones.

Early on we can still pull ourselves away, but as life gets more complex, it is not so easy.

The stress will linger, cutting up all the thoughts like a pair of mind scissors.

Two or three weeks of vacations, is not enough, two months is not enough.

It takes six months, maybe over a year, to recover from stress.

Not only does stress beget stress, but lack of wisdom makes us think in loops.

The discomfort of ending a thought, right where it started...

Actually pushes us away from books, that would grant that much needed initial wisdom.

It does not help, that it takes a lot of books, to understand their importance.

Sometimes, you may get several books, that are just gibberish for various reasons.

It maybe that we are yet to work our way, up to science books, for example.

It other cases, several books in the row, are simply useless crap...

Written by woo-woo men, with mangled or over inflated egos.

An authentic book is like a piece of software, it has to function, and it has to be spoken.

A paper book is just a disk, it is a storage medium.

Our mind needs to hear it, far and away from stress.

Books represent our intellectual inheritance, without which, like the hollow mind...

The world will run in loops, as people will restart at zero.

Without inheriting the wisdom, that is owed to them.

It is really that simple, we can't inherit wisdom from culture.

We have to inherit wisdom from books, along with the culture of the authors.

There is no such thing, as growing part way up.

To grow up, means to grow all the way up, and become a great being.

And we can't achieve that, without inheriting the wisdom stored in books.

As each generation, would have to start from zero, and only repeat that same length of distance.

Take to adventure, where your mind can come together again.

And then, listen to thousands, of narrated books.

To resume where the great beings, left off.