You Are Extraordinary, Believe In Your Greatness
You Are Extraordinary, Believe In Your Greatness

Wednesday • March 31st 2021 • 10:09:56 pm

You Are Extraordinary, Believe In Your Greatness

Wednesday • March 31st 2021 • 10:09:56 pm

One of the worst things that can happen to a Human Being,

is being tricked into thinking that they are an ordinary person.

Being tricked into thinking that they are not as intelligent as the A+ kids,

or not as good as the ones with rich parents.

The measure of a person comes from within,

and can only be ignited with a deliberate pursuit of Real Knowledge and Real Wisdom.

We can all image a person tricked into thinking that they are a worker,

and being worked until old age, just to discover it was all a lie.

People that trick us this way are many,

a lot of people are constantly searching to simplify their life.

That is an awful thing to do and not really that different from manipulating and lying,

they take advantage of people that don't yet know to protest.

Children are taught to keep away from stray dogs and strangers,

but there is nobody to tell them that we are born noble and meant to become great.

It would be very difficult for a recruiter to take advantage of an impressionable mind,

had they been taught that wars and borders are a symptom of not thinking, of lack of wisdom and foresight.

In a world where we are taught that we are noble creatures,

we will become incorruptible, and bullies will be seen as sick.

The difference between being tricked into thinking that we are ordinary,

and being taught and inspired into knowing that we are each mean to become a great being.

Is the key.

The Key to World Peace, to turning money from a noose,

to a tool for flourishing and well being, and growing all the way up.

Without that key, that belief that we are extraordinary,

we have a tendency to retreat and shelter.

With the key, we develop an unshakable dignity,

and that unbreakable spirit, necessary for change to take root.

Can you see what a massively limiting and corrupting mistake it is,

to live what me may later learn, was not yet life.

While we inherit best from Beloved Thinkers and Inspirational Philosophers,

by taking to their books, and narrated versions as well.

The Beginning of the awakening to the realization that Human Beings are not ordinary,

is not found in adding more knowledge, but in seeking less complexity.

The beginning is so pleasant, and so beautiful, that it almost seem too good to be true.

the beginning is found in adventure with kin, or kind, out on the world's longest trails.

We each have a capacity to move mountains, but we have to be mindful of it,

so that we don't exhaust our power on temporary or fleeting things.

The great power lies within aligning our days in such a way as to imbue each new day,

with the achievements of all the previous days; so that we live each new day with our entire life force.

You are an extraordinary creature whose greatness is fulled by Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom,

you are meant to become an Unshakable, Unbreakable, and Unstoppable, Noble and Wise Great Being.