Standardized Education
Standardized Education

Monday • December 7th 2020 • 8:56:24 pm

Standardized Education

Monday • December 7th 2020 • 8:56:24 pm

We can't have a standardized education,

because that would require a standardized life.

A life in which we are only passionate about

what we are told to be passionate about.

A life, where memorization,

does suffice.

My friends, the standardization of your existence,

is something that every lazy teacher, evil C.E.O., mad dictator, cult leader, and crooked politician dreams about.

A standardized existence is one

where your mind is taken from you.

Just like you recoil at the thought of a standardized breakfast,

the words standardized education should make you feel sick!

Even if you could learn by being taught like a little bird is fed,

how could you allow someone to pick the knowledge for your mind?

Allowing someone to insert standardized lessons into your mind is disgusting,

you are a unique and sacred being, born a genius and meant to be driven to wisdom and greatness.

You are meant to be the hope and dreams of all the past generations,

school, job, career, retirement and some promise of world travel is not how real life works.

The people in charge of creating early schools might not have had the opportunity

to create schools that are capable of inspiring the students to great heights.

Since, we have only updated that imperfect first attempt at mass education,

we lost the original dream of helping the world become Knowledgeable and Wise.

Today, teachers create cookie cutter lessons and matching tests,

that they expect you to cram for, in what has now become a Mockery of Real Education.

Standardization is evil and dangerous, it shows a total misunderstanding of the Human Condition,

it is a dangerous waste of time, that often destroys joy, uniqueness, talent, and other colorful predispositions.

Teachers can only help students to books,

they need to focus on creating and recording quality video lectures.

The greatest education that can be given to student is one afforded by student exchange programs,

beyond that it must be a path they pick; by choosing the materials that interest them.

A standardized education does not have enough depth to help the student grow,

it can only slow them down and restrict them.

An ordinary teacher is one, even a classroom and school is one,

and cannot reach a unique student in a way that they are ready for.

But copies of video lectures, audio books, interactive games, and books,

can! reach every student, and just at the right place in their development.

The world is changing at an increasingly faster pace,

the brittle ideas behind original standardized education never quite lived up to their promise.

Let us work towards replacing standardized education

with life-long personalized education.

Education that drives a student to Authenticity, Knowledge, Independence, Entrepreneurship, and Wisdom,

and not the curse of an uninspired existence born of broken promises, fear, doubt, uncertainty, and depression.