The Nearly Impossible Journey Towards World Unity And Peace
The Nearly Impossible Journey Towards World Unity And Peace

Monday • June 7th 2021 • 3:44:57 pm

The Nearly Impossible Journey Towards World Unity And Peace

Monday • June 7th 2021 • 3:44:57 pm

Real Education and Cultural Convergence is one sure way towards World Peace,

it requires that all the cultures of the Human Kind grow.

In order to make headway in this exhausting and near impossible Dream,

we have to stop making decisions in the now, and begin thinking in terms of generations.

To think in terms of generations,

is to build real educational institutions that make a real positive difference.

An educational institution that makes a real positive difference,

provides its students - not with a self serving system of grades - but several independent student made businesses at graduation.

It is the creation of these businesses,

that will determine what topics of interest the student will reach out for.

In a very small, and restrained part,

the existence of these powerful international institutions is funded by a small temporary percentage of the student earnings.

Unlike today Universities, these institutions are open to all,

they only take enough money to stay in business.

And they server billions of students,

with the express purpose of Noble and Dignified Betterment of Human Kind.

No student will ever be expelled,

there will be no grades, no punishment, no records of wrong doing, only successful graduation.

Heartbreakingly, our civilization has not yet progressed far enough,

to successfully build these Loving Gigantic Institutions.

Humanity is not yet ready to recognize the importance,

not get it right, as the project would be plagued with liars, pretenders, and failures; hoping for breadcrumbs.

Today, more effort would go into protecting these institutions from liars,

then helping the students transcend their limitations.

Without getting too much into it, as there is too much to waste our time,

from a very important perspective, heartbreakingly, it is illegal... under US constitution, to provide _all_ children, with universal education.

The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that,

"the benefits of universal education do not justify a violation of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment."

Which reads,

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

Our civilization, is not yet ready to embrace real education,

these international institutions would fail to secure stable initial funding.

And with heir importance misperceived as an attack on nationalism, or the spreading of globalism, or some other **** fairy tale,

they would be gutted, and taxed, and lose the meaningless and corrupt status of accreditation, and used as an example of what not to do.

Our civilization is not ready to learn,

the hateful and arrogant politicians we elect show us how far behind on good ideas we truly are.

The way education works today,

creates a very uneven, luck based, dishonest and inauthentic, and in some cases hostile, surface for all the future generations.

Organized education can't yet work,

but there is a way around this, a path of self education that has already been followed countess times before.

A way that revolves around encouraging all people all around the world,

to accept the responsibility for their own education.

This is also the way that will helps them attack poverty by becoming business people,

and it also serves as a way to clear the land for laying down foundations of the real schools.

Schools of today are not teaching us, they have failed us,

and we are being cheated out of important knowledge and wisdom.

As many of you have realized by now,

we have not, in fact received a real education, it was a m,make believe education.

Just hard enough to make you feel that you were working hard,

and that your hard won diploma, would lead you out of poverty and towards a beautiful future.

The people that you thought were smarter then you, were not actually smarter than you,

they were self-educating independently of the useless materials in school.

The people that became successful, became successful not because of luck,

but because they accepted the responsibility for their own education.

Luck. is easy come,

easy go, it doesn't stick around like Wisdom.

People are confused about what education is,

they think books, Doctors, and Dentists, but those are just their boring jobs, that were a fun challenge to learn for.

Real education, is about Knowledge inherited from countless lives found in powerful books,

Wisdom gained from living what is life.

And above greatness,


Greatness of Restraint, Greatness of Dignity, Greatness of Nobility, Greatness of Unbreakability, Greatness of Fortitude, Greatness of Courage, Greatness of Honor, Greatness of Love;

and Greatness of Insight; and Greatness of Foresight; and Greatness of Understanding; and Greatness of Authenticity, and Greatness of Heroism; and, then some.

Greatness is not difficult, it is what Human are meant for,

but it is deliberate, it requires sustained everyday urge to better yourself.

The Wold Schools that I describe,

will bring World Peace, simply by making Humanity Wise.