A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind

Thursday • June 3rd 2021 • 7:52:17 pm

A Beautiful Mind

Thursday • June 3rd 2021 • 7:52:17 pm

Our minds are already beautiful,

but we can make them even more beautiful.

Simply by standing up,

and refusing to follow, without Knowledge, and Wisdom, and even Greatness.

When we follow,

we tend to end up in places that seem strange, if not alien, and it certainly does not seem like we belong there.

School is like this,

it sneaks up on us.

We go to school and begin waiting and memorizing instead of learning for real,

because everybody else does that too, and we go because our parents went.

We make ourselves and, whatever that career is,


But it is never quite,

where we need to be.

Because when we do not lead,

we are bit by bit pushed off course.

A large part of that,

is that the school never really, truly, fully, gave you a full choice of subjects,

You had to pick from what was available,

and what was available, were subjects that, everyone else was picking.

Not only that, but also, you got, kind of manipulated into not picking some of the classes that interested you,

either the prerequisites were set too high (to filter out low scoring students), or the teacher was iffy (to save money on a real professor).

The teacher also might have been acting wild, in a friendly way,

and that type of behavior pushes away students that want a stable class, with a predictable and well mannered professor.

You got an impression of choice,

but in all actuality, you didn't even know the fields that would have interested you.

That was a promise that would be tucked away behind luck,

if you were lucky to be picked by a prestigious open curriculum university, then maybe.

But even then, you weren't even within the culture (or the slipstream) of achievement,

and whatever culture you could enter, by definition would be incompatible with your unique interests; it would be a culture of bunch of other people.

Socializing is great,

but not in context of greatly multiplying your knowledge and intelligence, so that you have a full picture of the world.

Let me just say,

that greatly multiplying knowledge and intelligence, is what we do as babies, what we do by default.

Now, we do need a certain kind of guidance,


We need to be taken to a Digital Audio Workstation, so that we are introduced to it,

and and we need to see someone operating a piano roll.

But this requires,

27 minutes and 51 seconds.

You see what the problem is,

the poverty of your school takes the piano, away from you.

Or Microbiology at its most fascinating,

actually getting to befriend Tardigrades through your own microscope, through your own eyes.

And often,

just about everything else that is fascinating.

And they do it by mistake, and out of disrespect and dark ages,

and to make the work of teaching a mass of students, more realistic.

But without the piano,

you don't become convinced that everything is a system of accessible easy to manipulate man-made concepts.

In deed, you are likely to end up being threatened to stop thinking about the piano,

threatened with prison, the prison of being held back a year.

You are constantly nudged off path,

and threatened with shame or punishment when you resist.

Focus on the path ahead,

and ask, what if you were to make informed choices that were precisely your own.

Let me define a term here,

an informed choice is informed by about ten books, though you probably need to read-or-listen-to about fifty, to find those ten.

So here, rather than relying on classes that your school offers,

you expand your horizon of possibility...

and begin relying on enchanting and deeply interesting _to you_,

narrated books.

Now. Look, at the road ahead of you,

is the road ahead of you not, more customized to who you are?

Precisely because you reached out for books and narrated books,

and not; kept yourself boxed in a handful of classes, shame, and creepy threats...

..that your school offers,

because other students tend to pick those most often.

This is not to say that there is a conspiracy to deny you knowledge,

but rather that schools are not able to teach you Greatness and Beauty of Mind.

For one they don't get enough funding,

but also, Humans Are Stingy, would teachers teach you better, if they got paid more, or would they conserve their strength, and only do as much as strictly necessary.

You should not trust others with your own education,

you, should accept the responsibility for it.

It is a s easy as the Appalachian Trail,

a Thousand Audio Books, and a series of start-ups.

A beautiful mind, is a lot more important than it may seem,

it is a great step towards greatness.

And Greatness,

makes all the difference.

For a long time now,

the world has been becoming more and more desperate for wisdom.

And the only way, the world can grow in wisdom,

is when you, and all other human beings on earth accept that challenge.

It gets even more complex, and more urgent,

some 150 species go extinct every day.

There are little over

2,000 tigers left.

There are some 16,000 nuclear weapons,

of which 2,000 are ready to be instantly launched at densely populated Cities... at the press of a button.

A beautiful mind,

and the Greatness that stems from it.

May soon,

no longer be optional.

Gandhi said that he was inspired in part by Thoreau,

and Martin Luther King Jr, said in turn that he was inspired by Gandhi.

Thoreau himself was inspired by Aristotle,

who was influenced by Plato and Socrates.

And we need to ask,

where would we be today without these Beautiful Minds?

What if the Civil Rights movement never happened,

and Cold War ended with the launch of many intercontinental ballistic nuclear weapons.

What if Stanislav Petrov,

wasn't there to save the world.

What if Clair Patterson,

didn't dedicate his life to save us all.

Something as simple as choosing your own path,

so as long as it is towards Beauty and Greatness...

Is infinitely more important than following others, or doing what you parents want you to do,

or getting into a good school.

And you can still do all those things,

but you must choose a Real Education, and Informed Decision-making, and Wisdom, and the Beauty Of Your Mind above all else.

Accepting the responsibility for a fine self education that has no equal,

is the pass less traveled by, it is the choice that makes all the difference.

Do not let others push you no matter how little,

stand your ground, walk your own path, and help the world grow, and inspire others to follow.

Soon all the people who have contributed to the many mistakes that hold us back, will fade away, retire,

and the world, will be yours.