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Sunday • June 11th 2023 • 8:35:58 pm

The Nerd

Sunday • June 11th 2023 • 8:35:58 pm

Jeff Mills Exhibitionist 2 Mix 3

Jeff Mills 100% Vinyl (Axis Mix) Full Techno Set

Drum Patterns Explained: Jeff Mills - Exhibitionist Mix 3 (TR-909 / RD-9 Workout)

Analyzing KRAFTWERK's BEATS - minimal DRUMS for maximum EFFECT | Drum Patterns Explained

The Amen Break - An analysis of the most important sample in history | Drum Patterns Explained

PO-12 rhythm

Make Beats Online for Free Using Ableton "learning music" site

How to Make Better Melodies in LMMS

LMMS Lesson 1 - Getting Started

Drone Programming

Controlling a swarm of drones with NodeJS – Jasper Schulte

Hello World Drone Programming in Javascript

Flying a Drone with React and Node.js! (100% JavaScript!) — PART 1

JavaScript Drone App

Flying a Drone with React and Node.js! (100% JavaScript!) - PART 2

Flying a drone with Javascript!

Programming a Drone with Node JS

Flying a Drone with 20 lines of javascript code

Physical Skimmer Warning

Texas Woman's Video Of Busting Credit Card Skimmer Goes Viral

Credit card ‘skimming’ crimes on the rise l GMA

Credit Card Thieves Caught on Tape Using Skimmers | Nightline | ABC News

Why Chip Credit Cards Are Still Not Safe From Fraud

Physical Skimmer Countermeasures

Skim Reaper

Skim Reaper Demo

How the 'Skim Reaper' protects you from credit card skimmers

Hunter Cat Card Skimmer Detector Review // Becky Stern

Skimmer simulator - Hunter Cat

NFC Skimmers

Your Credit Card is at Risk because of this hacking device!

Hunting for credentials with the long range RFID card reader

I was can steal a credit card via rfid and use it

Testing RFID BLOCKING Card - Does it Work??

Wallet RFID Blocking is a scam!!

Do Tinfoil Hats Really Block Your Brain Waves - Featuring the OCZ NIA Linus Tech Tips

Keylogers And New Junk (Hacking Cable And Drone)

How Do I Bypass Keyloggers? The Guaranteed Way to Avoid Having Your Keystrokes Maliciously Recorded

How to Detect Keylogger on your Computer? RAT Removal Guide

How To Detect Keylogger On Computer? | Keylogger Detection & Removal | Ethical Hacking | Simplilearn

Hack with this O.MG Cable - Setup

11 Most Dangerous Hacking Gadgets in 2023

How a DRONE can hack your computer in seconds | Real Experiment

Hacking Your Wireless Device with Mousejack (LOL!)

Capabilities of Hackers, Tools Hackers use, and 5 Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself

What Does A CIA Spy Carry Everyday?

AI Hacking

Artificial Intelligence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

How AI hacking event will help developers secure their technology

'Godfather of AI' discusses dangers the developing technologies pose to society

Google Engineer on His Sentient AI Claim (Heads up: Publicity Stunt)

How Criminals Use AI and Voice Deepfakes to Scam You? | Cybercrime and Internet Fraud

FBI warns of voice cloning technology being used in scam calls

Tips to avoid scammers cloning your voice

Hacking With ChatGPT (it's a game changer)

Nature And Survival

Building complete and warm survival shelter | Bushcraft earth hut, grass roof & fireplace with clay

Warm and Cozy Teepee Shelter Build, Inside Fireplace and Sleeps 3


Digging a Japanese Spider Hole (and sleeping in it!!!)

10 Bushcraft Axe Skills in 10 Minutes

Bow Making

Quick Primitive Survival Bow And Arrows!

Is this the BEST Survival Bow? - Penobscot Primitive Bow

How to Make a Board Bow: High Performance Build for Beginners

Making The Lakota Bow, A Bow Maker's Journey

Nerdy Favorites

MURAL painting with a PROJECTOR


3D Scanning for Jewelry Manufacturing

Must Have 3D Scanner for Small Objects

How to make LED Throwies

LED Throwies ❤️

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