How Engineering Failure Was The Only Way All Along
How Engineering Failure Was The Only Way All Along

Sunday • June 4th 2023 • 8:13:11 pm

How Engineering Failure Was The Only Way All Along

Sunday • June 4th 2023 • 8:13:11 pm

Every programmer has a program, that is too hard to make.

And eventually every programmer, must give up, even if just to live.

But giving up, always, consistently, reproducibly and reliably solves: nothing.

But, but, giving up twice...

Gives you a much needed upgrade, giving up trice, approaches... magic.

If you allow yourself to give up, numerous times…

You will eventually become a leading expert, on the collection of issues before you.

And the code behind the completed project, will be unlike any other code ever written.

Here you will not be begging code, to work for you.

You will be telling it, how code must work.

Now, you must understand, failure is nothing like writing a second version.

Failure, cannot ever be a triumph.

You don’t go outside to touch some grass, and write a 2.0.

You give up programming, for months.

And when you get back to it, you start with a blank project.

In effect, you reset time, you go back to the beginning.

Except this time, you are inedibly enhanced…

By the wretched sum, of all your failures.

We are talking about failures, that get you fired.

So you will not be doing this at the office, you can only pull this off in your chair at home.

The ENTIRE WORLD outside of your chair, sees failure as a weakness, limitation, and disaster.

A failure in the programming world, is a step back in time.

Because fixing failed code, is a Sisyphean task.

A road constantly, riddled with unending bugs.

You have to start from the beginning, often with different technology or language.

The real shocker here, is that there is no other way to learn programming.

There are plenty of paths, but failure is such a magnificent power that they are useless.

A professor can spend their entire career, repeating how there is only one way to create an efficient database.

Just to be proven wrong, by the NoSQL madness of the past decade.

The difference in the way the code is written, is the only proof of any of this.

Traditional engineers just to the same thing over and over, like a database professor.

But here, your internalization of the problem, takes over for the programming framework.

Your code becomes suspended, in what you have created in your mind.


A not on standardized, which is to say ineffective education.

No only is failure cast, as mind shattering, shameful, and permanent.

Where students are held back, to be forever one year late.

But students can’t even choose to learn, what moves them, what they would enjoy failing at.

Fake education, and the existential dread that comes along with it…

The impact of which so many adults like to interpret, as teenagers being stupid, whereas they are actually smarter than therm.

Has gone on for long enough, for you to have put one foot in the ranks of men who have sold the world.

I urge you to make standardized education second, and hire a programming tutor for your children, and yourself.

And do note, that there is little to no gap, between you or your children finishing a stable application.

And launching, a tiny business on top of it.

Perhaps I am not wrong in saying that there are only four subjects, reading, writing, arithmetic, and programming.

Where programming encompasses all the rest, with insightful simulations spanning all betwixt the Quark and Quasar.