Train Before You Sign Up For The Gym
Train Before You Sign Up For The Gym

Friday • March 15th 2024 • 12:21:26 am

Train Before You Sign Up For The Gym

Friday • March 15th 2024 • 12:21:26 am

Exercise starts before you sign up to the gym, the gym already requires a bit of a fitness level.

The first and foremost exercise is walking, and while you can walk at the gym, it is boring.

The best kind of walk is in a local park, or better yet, one or more state parks.

But even before that, you should avoid driving cars, and walk wherever you can.

Walking is about training your entire body, but most importantly back and endurance.

The biggest thing the gym gives you, is the guarantee, of a roof over your head.

Unlike outdoors where it can rain or get cold, the gym grantees a full workout.

But it is certainly not the most interesting of places, you should never let that get to you.

If the gym tires you out, go hiking.

Next is trying to jog a little, if you can, this can be great for your legs.

And will teach you that, endurance and steady exercise, builds muscle.

It is best to jog on a soft surface, and concrete is the worst thing you can jog on.

This is to protect your knees, and your back if you step wrong.

Use a program such as couch to 5K, to build up your endurance.

If you have trouble with jogging, walk faster, pwer walking is very helpful.

And you can help your lungs and legs by bicycling.

You can bicycle one day, and try to jog or power walk the next.

Once you can slowly jog, or magnificently power walk.

You must add three pound dumbbells, to your routine, one per hand, so six pounds total.

And if three pounds feels like nothing, you can try five.

But, you should still spend some time, with three pounds as it prepares your body.

You may feel nothing in your arms, but three pounds will strengthen your back.

Power walking and later jogging with dumbbells, is an enormous milestone.

And I think, here you will be more than ready, to get inside a gym, and truly work out.

You will notice that everyone is sitting, or freezing their posture for lifting.

That is because they are repeating, what everyone else is doing.

And all you need to do, is look a the muscles on your legs.

To know, how to grow muscle.

You flex your entire body, the exercise is non stop, and for an hour or two.

And when you feel you can do more, you keep adding a bit of extra weight.

The perfect workout is still that 1980’s, dance aerobic with dumbbells.

So it is basically, dancing with light dumbbells.

Walking, power walking, maybe hiking and bicycling.

Onward to a jogging, and adding dumbbells.

All the while extending, your workout duration…

And adding a but more weight, maybe a weight vest, or wrist weight.

Is a perfect start to a dance workout,, very gradual with little aches.

Dancing will make you stronger, faster, younger, and give you an athletic build before you know it.

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