The Practice of Strength
The Practice of Strength

Sunday • August 23rd 2020 • 8:10:15 pm

The Practice of Strength

Sunday • August 23rd 2020 • 8:10:15 pm

You can't leap into whatever you conceive Enlightenment to be,

it is built layer by layer, step by step, and year by year.

We all need might, never has a creature been alive that didn't need strength,

and waiting until the last moment; is a bad idea, anyway.

That's why people run marathons,

this is why people challenge themselves with practice.

So that when life becomes a challenge,

for all the finish lines they crossed, failure won't cross their mind.

A self challenge, is a practice of strength,

it is good for us.

It is different challenges for different people,

at different places in their lives.

But there is one thing they all have in common,

whatever they set off to do, it seems impossible at first.

That's what the hard parts of life are like,

they seem like an impassible challenge at first.

Practice makes us strong,

difficult challenges help us grow, and help us think too.

It is all for life,

it is all for enlightenment.

It is all for living above the common levels of life,

it is all for knowing that no matter the challenge, we will find a way.

May we all grow wise, and strong, and healthy,

may we each find a mountain to move and inspire a generation.