Don't Let The Gym Overwhelm You Out Of A Healthy Lifestyle
Don't Let The Gym Overwhelm You Out Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Thursday • May 23rd 2024 • 12:27:20 am

Don't Let The Gym Overwhelm You Out Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Thursday • May 23rd 2024 • 12:27:20 am

Victorious warriors win first and then go into battle, and such is the case with success at the gym.

Gym, is very hard, it is boring box with bad music, and worse acoustics, and a lot of people who don’t know to avoid lactose in their protein shakes.

A rave atmosphere is probably better for you than sitting on a machine, and bending a leg; that music and relative darkness would get you moving.

But, to be realistic, gym is where you go after you take care of your trouble, there you establish a dally routine to finish up, and maintain your gains.

If you go to the gym, to get stated with losing weight, and putting on muscle, you will probably fail, and not because you did something wrong.

It is just that the gym experience is that intensely boring, betting to the gym is a huge achievement...

But getting started at the gym, is hard, and may be impossible.

And since this is a war for good health, you should not take any chances, at all.

Jogging is a problem if you are large, and you should never run on hard surfaces.

We did not evolve to run on concrete, you may hurt your knees, or even heels from thick soles.

You will certainly get blisters, at first, and that means downtime at a time when you need motivation.

Walking and power walking with dumbbells, is perfect, but you still come home, where you have unhealthy eating habits.

And while I recommend getting id of you kitchen appliances, I always smile when I say it.

You need real and serious progress for motivation, and fat burn and weight-loss, starting on the first day.

And that means hiking, that means eating sausage from a stick.

Being a little worried about bears, and going in the woods, and I mean both meanings of “going”.

Once you return, power walking with dumbbells, something that you might have been ashamed of will feel perfect and meaningful.

It will be your right, your job, and you will simulate the camping experience, by finding a park and maybe even wearing a weight vest to simulate your pack.

If you were to go to the park today, it would be, questionable, and you probably would skip tomorrow.

But if you were protecting the progress you made, while hiking, it would be a lot easier to make room for power-walking.

Once you burn up almost all you fat, it will feel natural to go nuts at the gym, and push yourself hard.

You will grab onto crazy heavy dumbbells, and walk a circle around all the machines, knowing that they are worthless.

That it takes a power walk with dumbbells, or a power jog, or just dancing with dumbbells.

Think of hiking, and later biking, and finally jogging, as an on-ramp to success at the boring old gym.

See at the gym you lift weights to make progress, for which you will need music trance and interval timers for focus.

But when you go camping, you make progress by exploring, by shopping for a perfect dinner sausage.

In my part of the world, I have massive lakes and lighthouses, the most challenging parts of my workouts.

Were adventures to find the light house, to see where odd woodland trails lead to (I discovered a massive dry lake).

I’d spend days going up and down the beach, searching for plant fossils.

I was sleeping well from sunset to sunrise, eating well tasty sausages that dripped-out all their fat over the fire, mostly.

And walking, all day long, and everywhere, and when you are out there, none of this feels like a workout.

It is just vacation, and adventure, exploration, and enjoying nature.

Don’t start your workouts at the gym, it is too boring, find a trail small or large, and go hiking and camping.

Gain the endurance needed for power walking, add dumbbells, and then try jogging with light dumbbells.

And once you win your battles, then go to gym – but return to your adventures trails often.

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