Bodybuilding Is Easy
Bodybuilding Is Easy

Sunday • January 28th 2024 • 11:32:28 pm

Bodybuilding Is Easy

Sunday • January 28th 2024 • 11:32:28 pm

Duration of your non-stop exercise, is really the big driving force.

If you keep it at two hours, you will gain muscle.

But if you workout for more, you will start using up your fat.

If you work out too little, it will all take too long.

If you work out too much, you'll be tired all the time.

If you don't eat enough, you will burn far very quickly.

And if you eat a lot, it will all go into building muscle.

If you take too many breaks, the workout won't work.

A workout is supposed to order, your body, to adapt.

It must speak loudly and clearly, so that your body listens.

There are no days off, unless you can't heal fast enough.

And you need a gym, to basically control the weather.

You need a precise schedule, so that your body can breathe in and out.

If you don't see change weekly, just add an extra hour.

There are no trick here, no shortcuts.

During your exercise, you can take it easy.

By synchronizing your motion, with the beats of a song.

This will put you into a trance, and three hours will feel like 30 minutes.

Obesity is no trick, as it is deadly.

But, large people, are already bodybuilders.

All they do, is work out.

A long enough non stop workout, is all they need to burn their fat.

Obesity is also great justification, of suspending your career.

And going into a gym to recover, and become a bodybuilder.

I don't know about lifting heavy, compared to a 3 hour non stop...

Few minutes of lifting heavy, probably does not do much.

Though it is a million times heather, then not being at the gym.

But that fight out of obesity, is worth the while.

It is a question, of doubling your lifespan.

It is a pretty good deal, a little scary.

Once you cross the line, where the obese you passed away.

It feels weird, and life feels more precious.

It feels, the way it always should have felt.

Like it is yours, like it trully belongs to you.

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