Resolution Meow; Or Get Buff, Fluff and Gruff
Resolution Meow; Or Get Buff, Fluff and Gruff

Sunday • December 31st 2023 • 12:29:26 am

Resolution Meow; Or Get Buff, Fluff and Gruff

Sunday • December 31st 2023 • 12:29:26 am

So you got a new gym member-bember-ship, and you are wondering where to start.

Figuring, that you are just going to act smart, by doing what everyone else is doing.

You don’t trust politicians, leaders, newscasters, classmates, and even your kids.

But you are going to trust the bros, to show you the real deal.

I am happy to say, that they are all wrong.

Everyone had the same idea as you, and copied the original guy.

And the original guy, did ask the trainer.

But, the trainer lied, he just didn’t have many machines.

And it was a small gym, and everyone would always hug the dumb dumbbells.

So he made up thing thing up, about sets and reps - and it worked,

People stopped hugging, the equipment.

But sets and reps are a bad idea, because they encourage resting.

There is no rest at the gym, you can't stop, pause, or anything.

You have to express your needs to your body, clearly and without confusion.

No rest, non-stop, sends a pretty clear message.

So, that is basically the main thing, no sitting, always moving, and you can’t really take a break.

And you can pause an exercise, but only for your muscles to recover.

You still have to keep moving, taking a walk around the gym.

While mostly holding dumbbells, above your head, actually works great.

And you have to start in the beginning, you can’t lift ten pounds 10 times.

You have to lift, 3 pounds, 10,000 times.

Until you feel you can do that, with 5 pounds, then 8 pounds and then the big ONE OH.

Full body motion is a must, slowly twisting and turning.

And you got keep moving all foul limbs, both legs both arms.

And what you are looking for, is the part where you feel you can’t lift anymore.

If you are not finding that, then you are already too strong for 3 pound weights.

And you got to do the, unholy fives, they are a whopper at first.

You need music, and you need to synchronize your motion to the beat.

I highly recommend a vintage cassette player, you will need uninterrupted fresh songs, all the time.

Start with lifting slow songs, and then keep going until 170 beats per minute.

So that will be one beat for up, and one beat for down.

Eventually you will be lifting, 80 to 90 times per minute,

For three hours a day, five days a week, it will fell great.

There is a tiny hurdle to get over, and that is wisely eliminating rest.

You have to do it, the same way joggers do it.

Gradually decreasing rest time, and slowly picking up speed.

There are apps and actual clip on gadgets for that, it is called an interval timer.

You set how long you can work out for, and how long your breaks need to be to recover.

And then it will let you set the number of repetitions, so set something for 20, 40, or 60 minutes.

And hit start, it will give you a moment, and then vibrate to tell you to start lifting.

And then vibrate again, to tell you that you can rest.

It won’t be long, before you have eliminated all the rest.

It will be a real achievement, and keep you adjusting all kinds of parameters for years.

Finally, notice, how much effort, goes into non-stop lifting.

You even have to get a gadget, to time you.

This should convince you, that lifting something few times and sitting, is no good.

Also I cannot stress this enough, It is not diet and exercise…

But no-rest, non-stop, high frequency, every day and long duration.

Please dress nice, at the gym wearing black, does not mean ninja, it means fear.

You must have no fear, you must never surrender, and never retreat.

In return, you will become young again, beautiful and mighty.

You will double your natural lifespan, and age beautifully.

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