The New Leaders
The New Leaders

Friday • April 1st 2022 • 4:18:36 pm

The New Leaders

Friday • April 1st 2022 • 4:18:36 pm

A stranger I overheard mentioned that in war we all lose,
and a boy energetically sprung up to the conversation, and said:

"What do you mean, we won the second World War,
and we couldn't afford to lose."

So how is it that in war both sides lose,
and yet it is also necessary to protect the best version of the free world we managed to build.

This boy was looking at the final victory,
the bad guys lose, the good guys win.

But, the world is a sequence of events,
it is a timeline, and everything that occurs, occurs within context.

Both sides have lost because we are one family,
skin color, blood ties, religions, and even political borders, are all fantasies.

Deep down we are one people,
one family.

The bad guys were teenagers that had their lives stolen by politicians,
heir freedom of will was stolen by their commanders who were ordered to kill them if they refused to fight.

And many poisoned their own minds, with propaganda, nonsense, and more fantasy,
or sometimes couldn't afford to care what is true and what is lie, because they would die.

When a person stops caring like that,
they become ill.

When we sent in the good guys to destroy them,
we were simply forced to murder our distant family that was made ill.

It is not even a question of sides,
it was the entirety of humanity that simply lost, the world became darker, stained with layers of unforgivable crimes.

Once you get to the point when a war is fought,
everyone already lost, three are no winners, the world has made part of it self sick, and the cure requires killing.

To truly win, we have to look deeply into the future,
and prevent the many wrong-steps that eventually lead to a war.

Politicians today, do as little as possible,
they see as little as possible.

It is a safe bet for re-elections,
awards, and praise.

If they begun looking 20 or 50 steps ahead,
and started making decisions that cause domino effects, their jobs would become infinitely more difficult.

Today they play tic-tac-toe,
and what we are describing here is chess against a powerful computer.

There is something else, that complicates the matter,

A liar is by definition an outsider,
and he is not just part of the play, he can freely move beyond the fourth wall.

While politicians are playing their tic-tac-toe, or even complex chess,
a liar will break them by destroying their home, and breaking their spirits.

As we learn to build a better future,
we have to take liars under consideration.

As we make new decisions,
we also have to ensure they lock the liar down, disable him.

A world with a powerful global school,
that allows Humanity to vote on which lectures are most worthy.

Is a world in which a mad man cannot corrupt his people,
without being noticed.

When we notice that a nation is warping the minds of its people,
we need to courageously face this as an act of future war.

And create incentives for these people,
to lever that environment behind, to move to another country, where they get a free home, real education, and a wonderful future.

By abandoning our extended family to propaganda,
we are tolerating the creation of an enemy, already losing in that worst way.

Moreover, by tolerating ineffective education,
in counties that are part of the best version of the free world that we have created thus far.

We are cheating the future generations, and thus, the politicians and world leader of the more complex future,
from having the ability to think in multiple steps and identify prevention as the real way to move forward towards a more peaceful world.

The brightest hope we have for change, are not leaders,
best of whom will only be able to fulfill their promises in small part, mostly due to warped minds and lairs.

The brightest hope are the teenagers,
they are the least indoctrinated chain-link in the chain of pain that has us running in circles in a world barely held together by Mutually Assured Destruction and choked with Poverty.

It is their rejection of not just war crimes,
but also of war.

It is their rejection of mandatory military service,
and the system of death or punishment that that forces a soldier to kill, or stay within the military after they change their mind.

It is their rejection of fake education,
and interest in narrated books and great adventures that can alter the future of Human Kind with the least amount of effort.

They just need to stop cramming, and pretending that memorization is education,
and demand real and effective lectures that have them take away something precious and personally valuable at the end of each class.

Before we even notice, they will grow up to become the well educated world leaders we need,
together they will form a leadership network built with foresight, knowledge, wisdom, greatness, and the understanding that we are one people, one family.

All sides lose in a war that is fought,
the only way to win, is to identify and erase all the components that lead up to conflict.

Real Education, is just one of many things,
it is mainly involved in preventing Nationalism, Indoctrination, and Misunderstanding.

Another one is the Global End Of Poverty,
which upgraded the concept of many, granting every human being the equivalent of a hundred dollars each day, which is just 3.5 million dollar per person.

Free from the corroding influence of poverty, and enabled with real education,
they will provide far more value to the world that that small sum of money.

End of poverty, will clear the prisons, end hunger, end homelessness, and ease stress,
making many disorders manageable.

As strange as all these changes sound, today,
they are the normal, they outline a more realistic world.

It is the world we live in today, stained with war, chained and choked by poverty, gnawing at it self with pollution and deforestation,
and held hostage by small-minded men whose greatest achievement is the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction and Borders over which the rockets fly.

Because we are blindly propagating mistakes that cause great harm and suffering,
the history books will not be kind to us.

But we can encourage young people, who do not yet suffer from sunk cost fallacy, to reject what feels to them as ineffective education,
and demand life changing and personally valuable results from their teachers and principals.

If we can help them unravel ineffective education,
we will have begun the process of eliminating small mindedness, propaganda, indoctrination, and nationalism around the world.

In turn the future generations will rebuild how money is handled around the word,
and build the new banking system on top of the concept; that no human being should ever suffer from curable disease, hunger, or homelessness.

It wasn't the leaders that would make the world better,
it was your children all along.

Excerpts from Librivox UDHR

Universal Declaration of Human Rights