Fitness Advice: Sets, Reps, And Proper Posture Is Not All That Great
Fitness Advice: Sets, Reps, And Proper Posture Is Not All That Great

Wednesday • March 27th 2024 • 12:00:23 am

Fitness Advice: Sets, Reps, And Proper Posture Is Not All That Great

Wednesday • March 27th 2024 • 12:00:23 am

Fitness and bodybuilding is a weighted endurance activity, similar to long distance jogging, but with progressively heavier weights.

Like joggers, you may initially rest as your body adapts to jogging, but eliminating rest is critical, resting does not belong a the gym.

Lifting until failure, just means that the weights you are lifting are too heavy, for you to complete the exercise, and make any difference.

There are too kinds of heavy, there is the 15 pounds that you can only list 15 times, because you have no endurance, because you didn’t start at 3 pounds to earn it.

And there is the 15 pounds that took you couple of years to get to, as your workouts begun lifting 3 pounds for an hour.

Then 5 pounds, and 5 pounds for two hours, and then eight pounds for three hours.

And then 10 pounds, and 12, and finally 15 that you lift for three hours, basically non stop, you can shake off discomfort, drink water, but not rest.

Endurance is earned, by starting at very light weights, and then gradually increasing them, as your body adapts.

People just copy each other at the gym, and books and training programs, sell really well, by spreading the same myths.

You need evidence, look at the legs on a jogger, ask yourself, wha if the jogger kept wearing heavier and heaver weight.

Ask, which horse is more musculat, the one that works in the min all day, dragging heavy carts, basically non stop.

Or the horse, that lifts no more than ten times, three times pers set, without any endurance, just cold turkey.

Imagine physical therapy for somone, who had a long hospital say.

Do you wan to do sets and reps, or go on long walks with a progressively heavier backpack.

Which will restore muscles sooner, machines, muscle isolation, sets and reps and limited walking.

Or extended walks that involve all muscles, at the correct time and in correct proportion.

The huge bodybuilders, used to be fat, they’ve been working out since childhood.

That they lift heavy now after a period of weigh-loss, just means they are lazily maintaining what they already have.

The well toned bodybuilders who do sets and reps, don’t progress, they are stuck on a plateau, just looking good.

Sets and reps create a plateau, and are in fact a perfect mistake, a deadlock, because all you can do is make the weight heavier.

And 5lb increments are too much, they are too big of a jump, for a body that has only been given minimal endurance.

Sets are reps, are not enough to do anything, but to push up to a little plateau of minimal muscles, and keep you there.

Machines at the gym are a mistake, by isolating muscle groups, you will miss out on training all the others ones that are needed to sustain the exercise.

Machines are good for people who are hurt, then they can spend some weeks, working on a select group of muscle, but they will begin losing the other muscles.

You can see that in prolonged hospital stays, broken legs that needed a cast, and space station staff, who must exercise every day, and they will still return weak.

Childhood obesity is a very poor way to actually put on muscle, obesity is an illness, it must be avoided at all cost.

You can beat big bodybuilders by eating well and avoiding sugar, and bread.

And simply dancing with a progressively heavier weight west dumbbells, and leg weights, you are simulating a heavy person.

You may need to do 4 hour daily non-stop workouts, but probably not 5 or 6, and just dance while wearing progressivity heavier gear.

Finally, posture, locking your muscles to perform an exercise, will eventually leave the locked for three or more days.

Back, neck shoulder pain, in part because it is a terrible idea to lock anything, but also because exercise makes you more sensitive due to hydration and nutrition.

And here machines are no savior, though they will stabilize you body, withy any muscle lock, you need to dance to flex, and flow.

You don’t want to relax secondary those muscles, you want to use them, gently move back and forth and to the side.

And that is dancing, it is the foundation to preventing injury, and it also grans you dance trance, that makes time pass faster.

You should also keep track of the bpm of your songs, and gently adjust that for a more dynamic workout.

172 beats per minute, one beat up, and the second down, meaning 87 lifts per minute, is a great way to burn fat, with 5 or 8lb weights.

Whereas slower songs or a mix of dance songs, is good for heavier weights, where you need to take extra time to lift without injury.

Gym is already pretty bad, when it comes to shyness.

And dancing, where every one else is confidently lifting wrong, makes everything much more difficult, if not almost impossible.

While gym is a place of healing, it is not a hospital, gym is a goofy place, you are meant to have fun in there.

Shuffle dancing with dumbbells, is the only way to burn fat, while building muscle.

It is just another challenge that you will have to face, so if you haven’t signed up yet, practice shuffle dancing.

It will take all the people who are doing it wrong 30 years, to accomplish what you can do in three – you have to dance with dumbells.

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