Learn For Real Do Not Gamble With Your Knowledge
Learn For Real Do Not Gamble With Your Knowledge

Saturday • November 12th 2022 • 8:13:05 pm

Learn For Real Do Not Gamble With Your Knowledge

Saturday • November 12th 2022 • 8:13:05 pm

There is a simple formula, to undo all the ineffective education trouble.

It has three key points, you, the body of your knowledge, and the future you.

You deserve to have the finest books narrated to you, because you need to know what life is really about.

Even if you are not a student anymore, you reserved to know how the world works.

Real knowledge, is your right.

No one, including yourself under some threat, real or perceived, can refuse, or deny, real education.

Knowledge is in books, but you need the narrated versions.

Books are meant to be heard, not read - you only read them when you want to look something up.

It is just like with sheet music, it is meant to be heard.

You, the future you, and your knowledge create a formula for real life.

Could the elderly you, approve of your fake education.

Does your elder self regret, not listening to powerful books.

Do you want to gamble, with your perception, wisdom, culture, behavior, and meaning?

Your library has a lot of the important non-fiction, narrated books, that the wold's leading intellectuals hold in high regard.

The balanced and well-read librarians, know exactly what those books are.

The elder you will never regret, dozens, and hundreds, maybe thousands of lifetimes of knowledge from other lives.

Let me repeat one more time, the elder you want you to learn for real.

So that they don't have to needlessly suffer regrets, that they wish they could have prevented in their youth.

Stop entertaining the teachers that sold you out, for shitty paychecks.

And get a real education, by taking to adventure and narrated books.

You can't refuse your older self a beautiful mind.

It never worked for the student, it was always bout the teachers getting paid.

Your local Public Library, above all, because standardized education is fraud.

Ask your elder-self, what their regrets are.