Thinking May Not Be What We Think It Is
Thinking May Not Be What We Think It Is

Sunday • July 9th 2023 • 11:13:46 pm

Thinking May Not Be What We Think It Is

Sunday • July 9th 2023 • 11:13:46 pm

Philosophers do thinking, their thoughts are long an integrated.

Politicians don’t do thinking, their thoughts are short and unintegrated.

Mind you politicians are teenagers from well to do families, whose first trick in life to fain confidence, class, and leadership.

They will confidently send your children to war, and make them kill under the threat of court martial.

The kids on the other side will already be forced to kill or be killed, and executions will be carried out immediately by barrier troops, behind them.

The politicians will see this as an economic opportunity, as a way to fuel economies and expand their presence.

And they will bleed the war for as long as it is legally possible, and without any concern for negative consequences.

Or even laws that they can get away with breaking, by for example hiding in a leading majority.

A philosopher by contrast, will aim to dismantle the attacking regime, decades prior to their potential attack.

And protect the human beings, preventing the situation, where they are threatened to kill or be killed.

Politicians who dabble in philosophy, will be quickly out-competed by their more cunning peers.

The president who is capable of considering that inconvenient truth, is seen as an impediment to wealth, and investments of existing politicians.

Politicians will employ whatever discretion their positions grant them, to eject the more apt leader, and prefer the uneducated, unstable or the fool.

Arguing with a person who has invested decades, into feigning leadership, class, and confidence.

Is the same as arguing with a fool, who, the moment they see themselves losing.

Will change tactics to become a absolute ape-shit contrarian, with the aim to upset you, and win the argument, by making you leave.

Therefore, I repeat, thinking may not be what we think it is, and some politicians may not be aware that war is entirely preventable.

Others coming from families with history of political involvement, may hope for it, noting how easily it is to redirect even a meaningless war into profit.

You should be asking at this point, what can we do to fix all this?

And the real answer to your question, must be prefixed with a warning.

Liars, or teachers, principals, and politicians, don’t play to win, only a fool hopes to win.

They enter their fields, guaranteed to have won already.

They cannot be removed, they can only retire, with a made up, but convincing sense of accomplishment.

In a word, today, the men who sold the world; won.

Tomorrow, you children will have their chance at helping the world, but they must out-think the men who will soon enough try to sell it out anew.

They need real and effective education, far and away from threat of having a low GPA, which can only force them into pretending to learn.

They need real educaion, real knowledge as that will grant them, wisdom, and real confidence, and real class, and authentic leadership abilities.

They have to learn for real, so that they may first out-compete the liars, who will forever pretend to be mentors, and friends, on their side.

Today, real education, means self education, and that demands a sense of serenity and the unending pursuit of one’s noblest curiosities.

There are no schools that will inspire a mind to greatness, veritas means noting when it is paraded by the men who sold the world.

Without a generation upon generation of authentic and inspired professors, your children only have whatever scraps of lectures there are.

And narrated books, the best of which are free a the library.

Do not stress them out with poverty, do not threaten them with homelessness.

Your children are the leaders, that will keep the future generations safe from Nuclear War and many other equally dangerous challenges.

If you ever hear them speak the following words, “I can’t I have a job now.” - know that you have failed.

You will both need to start learning for real, so choose your trail, and aim to walk them all.

Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, El Camino de Santiago, Kom-Emine.

Listen to great writers, storytellers and leaders whispering, their greatest thoughts and achievements in your ears.

Growing up, has always meant, growing all the way up – and never just part way.

Make no mistake, a human being is only ever meant for authentic greatness.