Unlocking The Future Of The World; Or, Stalemate Prevention
Unlocking The Future Of The World; Or, Stalemate Prevention

Wednesday • June 8th 2022 • 5:27:26 pm

Unlocking The Future Of The World; Or, Stalemate Prevention

Wednesday • June 8th 2022 • 5:27:26 pm

Though the younger matter the most, it all matters, because we are one family,
but we are also using tools that are cutting us off from making the future a happy and safe place.

A lot of the troubles that we can’t solve,
we can’t solve because they arrived at a locked state, or a stalemate.

These are the often tragic outcomes,
of having spent years of decades doing nothing.

The situation reduced it self,
to a state that has no solution.

Some politicians call that a triumph,
where it comes to mutually assured destruction.

But it is not a triumph,
it is things at an end, a tragedy.

Others are pretending problems do not exist,
for example, a lot of violent criminals suffer from lead poisoning.

In a major part due to use of leaded gasoline,
and leaded paint.

They need medical help,
not anymore punishment.

There are solutions,
and I think all of them require education.

To prevent two nations from destroying each other,
you help their leaders think themselves out of their dead ends, and thus resign.

People who acted due to poison in their system,
they need to be out of cages, and they need therapy.

We as the Great Human Family,
have only one guaranteed way to fix problems.

And that way requires thinking ahead,
and preventing them from occurring in the first place.

If we do nothing,
if we just let the world drift.

And merely keep en eye on micro plastics in our blood,
whit counting how many species we lost, or how many soldiers died in the world’s battlefields.

Then we will surely and swiftly arrive at stalemates,
situations without solutions.

Some stalemates are particularly hard to spot,
such as the state of education today.

The reason it is so hard to learn math,
is that there is not such thing as just math.

The very subject divisions in schools, prevent learning,
not to mention grades which prevent thieving else.

Once applied the mathematics we learn in school,
are so tiny and trivial that it is nearly impossible to hand the same of it.

Be it as a student, or a teacher,
a philosopher, or a 3D modeler.

And here is the cradle,
the root of it all.

Middle School,
the place where the last few lessons are had.

Before teachers start pretending to teach,
and students - under the threat of never getting a job - start pretending to learn.

It is a tiny step here, become a bully, get drafted,
and realize you just became a slave to a stupid war driven by a dictator animated by drugs.

See, all of this, this has to be prevented,
by doing nothing to prevent problems, the problems, become unfixable.

As you grow to become a great being,
please, please, do not ask "what would I do to solve this or that world problem?".

But instead Ask, the correct question,
"What would I do, to prevent those problems, from occurring in the first place."

The one lesson none of the members of our Great Human Family can ever forget,
is that, to grow up means to grow all the way up.