Do Not Lose Faith In Humanity
Do Not Lose Faith In Humanity

Friday • July 15th 2022 • 7:22:35 pm

Do Not Lose Faith In Humanity

Friday • July 15th 2022 • 7:22:35 pm

This is a time of war, famine, an old nuclear threat,
a time of mediocrity, betrayal, and evil men.

None of the horrible things that occurred,
occurred by deliberate and careful design.

Almost all the bad things occurred by chance,
by chaos, complexity, and accident.

Evil men will certainly claim credit,
but they are just making themselves look better.

The evil soldiers that we hear of,
are not born this way.

They are manufactured,
also not entirely by design.

But rather by attrition,
extreme poverty fractures weak and uneducated men.

And under the threat of death,
they will do evil things.

But it is not in their genes,
they are broken by extreme poverty.

Evil and evil men,
are simple.

This is the trash,
of the universe.

They fracture out of lack of education,
lack of connection to the modern culture.

They were broken by bullies,
and poisoned by broken culture.

We have to prevent the fracturing of men,
by creating a school.

Evil men are too dangerous,
we have to help the younger generations.

And we have to end this cycle,
or the warping and fracturing will never cease.

We need a school that will bring light to all the darkness,
so that liars have nowhere to hide.

Even if those who tasted wisdom fracture,
they will at least know a place to return to.

It is just audio,
and it fits snugly in the ear.

And it keeps answering and answering all the questions,
presenting a short history of nearly everything.

And answering, who we are, what Humanity is,
showing that we are one family.

That we are just divided by random chance,
by mistakes, by uneducated men and histories of hate.

Showing that we are one,
but also that we must prevent those in need from becoming fractured.

They just need honest answers,
for unlike lies, honest answers help us grow all the way up.

You are not allowed,
to lose faith in Humanity.

Because we need your help,
we need your wisdom.

Gather all the aches and pains,
and become unbreakable.

Because if you let them crush you,
then all the suffering was for naught.

But if you use it to create armor,
and become a Great Being.

Then not only,
will you grant meaning to your aches and pains.

But to all the other,
aches and pains, and tragedies also.

No longer will they be forgotten,
with our passing.

Now they will be written,
into the history of Human kind...

By all the wisdom goodness,
you will bring into existence.

Do not lose faith in the Humanity,
the world needs your help.

become a Great Being.