El Chuppacabra De Miou
El Chuppacabra De Miou

Friday • February 24th 2023 • 9:28:16 pm

El Chuppacabra De Miou

Friday • February 24th 2023 • 9:28:16 pm

A dark creature stirring in the wheat, in the distance what seems like a bleat.

The sky is growing dim, as it shimmy shammies limb by limb.

Followed by a little hound named, Muzyn.

Not a creature with half good hearing, wasn’t stirring.

For, I grabbed a chunk of pizza without permission, and I was a boy on a mission.

I was taking a shortcut though the fields, in my camo karate pants to serve as shields.

Making a crop circle from time to time, checking if Muzyn isn’t rolling in grime.

We had a long way up an enormous hill, before we could sit down and chill.

And before that, we had a river to cross, and I knew of a fallen tree covered in moss.

He danced across and didn’t hesitate, because he knew I brought a second freaking plate.

It took us forever to climb, and when we go there, it was almost lunchtime.

Unfortunately, the clouds turned to rain, and this chupacabra had to use his brain.

We had two big trees and a bunch of sticks, so this was going to have to be a quick fix.

Muzyn already started digging, so I got to work on the rigging.

We were going to dig, but the domicile wasn’t going to be very big.

It was just going to be a creepy shelter up on a hill, in the middle of a storm, cause we had to grill.

With a couple of swift heaves, I was able to grab some still dry leaves.

I put them in the pockets of my commando vest, I was really well dressed.

Muzyn finished the hole, it wasn’t big but we were both small.

And I put up a roof, which muzyn cheerfully approved with a woof.

The moment the rain turned to a drizzle, the pizza was ready for a sizzle.

I took out the now warm and damp kindling, and with a squirt of lighter fluid we had a pizza swindling.

I ate, the dog ate, the pizza tasted just fine, it smelled like gas and leaves, but we don’t whine.

We rested in the mud hole, and by the time noon rolled around, we were both homeward bound.

Some time after that, I overhead a little chat.

How what Americans call The Chupacabra lives up there, and how the whole village is having a meltdown and a scare.

Apparently the creepy little thing dug a house into the ground, and it dug with claws like those of a snarling hound – grrrrrr.

“I don’t want you going up there” - My grand ma said, it is is a wild create I don’t want you end up dead.

But it was two late, as I already stole a long sausage and an extra paper plate.

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