Civilization Woes; An Adventurer's Guide
Civilization Woes; An Adventurer's Guide

Tuesday • February 28th 2023 • 11:09:51 pm

Civilization Woes; An Adventurer's Guide

Tuesday • February 28th 2023 • 11:09:51 pm

Returning to civilization is really strange, and should always be considered optional.

Humans will build a little bathroom in perfectly good woods, and somehow all agree, to flock into it, ew.

Not only that, but sometimes civilization comes your way too.

The modern hunter, will pickle the woods with satellite linked motion capture cameras, that automatically upload to online hunter forums.

Every once in a while, those really do create a superstar streamer, or worse, to everyone scarring disgust.

Rangers too, go way too far, sometimes they release new creatures.

That for good reasons, have not been seen in that part of the wilderness for ages.

“Ey, Cetus, what what beast you want to put in the woods tonight, and don’t you say a bad word about my mama again.”

“Fentin, I ain’ never said a bad word about your mama, but yeah, lets release some bear, instead. They feed on hikers.”

And then your food bag, that you dangle some feed of the ground, becomes a fragrant shining beacon.

One that alerts these beests of “We’re Bear Country Now”, to the exact GPS coordinates of your fleshy rump.

And it gets more complex, because having a modern tent is a good idea, zippers and little windows, and all.

But see raccoons feel the same way too, they love unzipping tent zippers, and will hope to move in with you.

Or if you are sophisticated like me, consider your bathroom tent a guest hose, and attempt to live there.

But the lovely creatures are a blessing, it just means you have been accepted, and are now part of the jungle, and now must share.

Finally, know that dolphins were land creatures once, they evolved from fish, walked on land like our distant ancestors, but chose to return.

If you are overworked, too stressed out to enjoy a good narrated book, if you don’t truly love life, anymore.

Then do like the dolphins, return to the Woods, the three great trails to be precise.

Let them heal you, make them your home, become one with the woodland creatures.

It will be the most profound decade of you life, it will become a wellspring of wisdom, and source of many books.

I am speaking of the Appalachian Trail in the east, the Pacific Crest Trail in the west, and the Continental Divide Trail in the middle.

Don’t allow tunnel vision obscure the overwhelming beauty that we are surrounded by, you were born an adventurer, and at the very least, you ought to become a writer to guide others.

Human beings, are not meant for cubicles, we are meant to grow all the way up, until we become great beings.

You don’t have to return to the world of overwork and worn out places, let your growing wisdom guide you.

If you feel trapped in the concrete jungle, then git a Cowboy hEat, make like the dolphins.

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