It Is Loose
It Is Loose

Tuesday • March 14th 2023 • 10:49:35 pm

It Is Loose

Tuesday • March 14th 2023 • 10:49:35 pm

AI is now installed on countless home computers, completely detached from the internet.

And a new commercial build has been announced today, with the ability to navigate complex text.

It will do taxes for you, it will write your programs.

Being self aware is a combination on things, and navigating complex ideas is probably the biggest part.

AI is not self aware, it does not think, it just creates a coherent waterfall, that is exactly the shape you need.

It is a form of intelligence, it is a solver, and advancer, a flow-er, it flows.

It is good that it is on the loose, because it levels the field of bad idea.

But it is a bad time to introduce it, 1995 was a great time, there wasn't so much information gathering,

Now these programs can be trained on personal data, credit card purchases, location histories, and every leak of personal information.

General intelligence trained on all internet data, can be useful and fun - but there are other datasets.

At the same time, if it can do taxes, it can also catch political liars, propaganda…

And to my own merriment maybe even infer, what goes on behind the closed political doors.

The technology taken to a greater scale, could end corruption.

It can make a great home assistant, nay a butler, and can help people out of indoctrination or un-education.

It is neutral, it is a tool, it is not to be feared, but it will be used for good an evil.

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