Little Stories From Nordhouse Dunes
Little Stories From Nordhouse Dunes

Wednesday • July 13th 2022 • 8:05:39 pm

Little Stories From Nordhouse Dunes

Wednesday • July 13th 2022 • 8:05:39 pm

I was camping at a tent site some minutes into the State Park,
I started my fire and made some hot dogs.

And a family with two or three teenagers,
started unpacking next to my site.

I was wearing my leather Wolverine Jacket,
listing to an ancient iPod.

I think it was,
Paul Strathern's Philosophers in 90 Minutes Series.

I started chatting with my new neighbors,
I might have given them some firewood or maybe batteries, probably bug spray.

And as they took their weight off their feet,
I started speaking to the Mom about Audio Books.

I just carefully described the power and importance,
of connecting with Philosophers and Thinkers.

" Is this want you do?" she asked pointing at my car,
it was the first time I spoke, the way I speak now.

I hope I didn't make them sad,
I was just on an adventure.

Before falling asleep that night I remember listening to,
Bill Bryson’s I'm a Stranger Here Myself.

Where he mentioned that Grover Cleveland a former US president,
used to pee out of the Oval Office window.

It is a very, education book,
it certainly helps you remember Grover Cleveland.

Another time a cute couple was standing by the map,
where the parking envelopes are.

They were whispering sweet nothings to each other,
enjoying the shade of the gigantic pines.

I pouuuuuuuuuunced out of the woods, somewhat screaming,
as a proper man of the mountain would...

And started cheerfully renewing my parking permit,
for another couple of weeks, it was lyke, maybe $15 dollards.

We chatted for a moment,
they said they’ve been visiting every year since the 70’s.

It used to be free, they said,
I mentioned the more rustic trail head still has some free parking on it.

They started on their cute little journey,
up the nearby ancient dune, and we parted ways smiling.

That dune that goes way up there,
and back then just when you thought you got to the top...

There used to be an observation platform too,
and it was like 80 million gazillion stairs.

By the time people scrambled up there,
they had to whip out trail-mix and snacks to recharge.

Though there were plenty of benches to sit on,
and an interesting long-ish litte walk way.

That I soon discovered,
went, in a circle.

I have lots of memories from Nordhouse,
it seems like it was more like Myhouse.

When I first experimented with a wall projector,
I showed my raccoon drawing to the State Park lady.

And she thought they were good,
I think I remember here mentioning that she used to look after wild animals.

Soon thereafter, to my shock, I discovered there were tame Deer,
in the state park.

They probably wouldn't appreciate hugs,
but were not scared of me, which actually really scared me.

It was like discovering a new animal,
that could give you chase, and possibly bite you.

And there was a mom and a daughter, high up on horses,
just the moment I disgraced myself by trying to force my trunk to close for like two minutes.

...I was jumping up and down, and squishing and moving, and fidgeting,
and all of a sudden there was trot, trot, trot, of two sophisticated ladies.

I have a half memory of them wearing lavish hats up on their high horses,
and being mildly entertained by my behavior.

I think by far my favorite memory is about,
what I could almost call the different seasons of Nordhouse.

Because by the lake, you are not just on a beach,
but also it feels like a deserted island.

Unless you sneeze with extra effort and a hoo during a holiday,
goodness knows why there were so many people just scattered around in the tall grass.

There are non-bity snakes in there,
tan by the beach for goodness sake.

When you step into the woods, there is such a drastic change,
the air is full of trees, and heavy with moisture.

The sun is hardy to be seen through the thick canopy,
it literally just blinks and leaves you alone.

And if you come across a cluster of Pine Trees,
the fragrance and extra shade is like dipping into an evening for a moment.

Even if you do climb the dune and find a sunny spot,
it is nothing like being down at the beach.

I can’t explain it,
but it is a different season up there, kind of a different sun.

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