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The Art Mechanic

Sunday • August 28th 2022 • 11:17:53 am

The Art Mechanic

Sunday • August 28th 2022 • 11:17:53 am

History Channel- Camera Obscura (Speechless)

3 Hacks MOST Used by Pros to Achieve a BETTER Portrait

How a Professional Artist ACTUALLY makes Paintings

15 ways how to trace or transfer a photo, image, or drawing

Testing the Secret Optical Tool that Let you Draw like a Photo - Camera Lucida

What is a CAMERA LUCIDA and HOW do I make one?

DIY Camera Lucida Project

History of the Camera Lucida Drawing Tool

The GRID METHOD - Is It Cheating or Tool of the Masters?

How to Grid Your Drawing Paper

Beginner Tries Digital Art: Tracing Photo ❤️

How to Use GRADIENT MAPS and LAYER MASKS to color

How to Use Layer Modes in Digital Art // Multiply, Overlay, etc.

5 Ways HARD LIGHT is Great for Digital Coloring

Blending modes* explained for digital colorists

Krita Tutorial | Saving Artwork For Social Media

How to use the reference window in Krita

Turn any photograph into a pencil sketch using Krita (Mixing Filtered And Hand-drawn)

Krita, Vector Portrait (via layer trace)

How I Use the 3D Models in Clip Studio Paint’s App to Draw a Pose

Krita 23 Tracing over a photo method (Krita without Reference Images)

proportional divider — the basics

how to draw in proportion

Drawing Key Points

The Secret to Drawing Well

HOW TO Use Proportional Divider for Sketching

How to Draw Accurate Proportions

How-To Transfer Artwork: Projecting & Tracing

Best Pico Projector for Art 🔎 Are they all the same? ■ Tracing Masterpieces

Setting up reference images in Krita - Grid Method


How to Draw Using the Grid

How to Make a Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura

Create a CAMERA OBSCURA at home and put yourself inside a camera!

Making Your Own Room With a View

Graphite Transfer: Two Easy Methods

How to use Tracing Paper

Getting Started: Three Ways to Transfer an Image to Watercolor Paper

How to Draw and Trace Images for Watercolors


Art Tips Why Use A LED light Pad for your Art.

How to Compose a Painting Using a Lightbox

Cricut Brightpad Review: Worth It?

How to Use a Light Pad or Light Box

DIY Lightbox Ideas for Tracing

Two Hour Project: Artist's Light Box

Vincent van Gogh and his perspective frame

How to create and use an artist viewing frame

Viewing Frame

How to Draw & Stylize Human ANATOMY - 7 Tips on Body Proportions


Measuring Methods For Artists

Pencil and Thumb Sighting

How to Draw Using Comparative Measurement

Best Technique for REALISTIC DRAWING / PAINTING - SIGHT-SIZE Method : Tutorial and Demonstration

Drawing with Simple Sighting Technique

Sighting Your Drawing Tutorial

Sight-Size Drawing: Set-Up and Construct Block-In

Setting up for working Sight Size

Paul Ingbretson talks about Relational vs Sight-size Methods

Points and Angles

Sight-Size method Vs Constructive (Analytical) method! one more time:)

Discussion of Sight Size vs Other Figure Drawing Methods

Drawing A Portrait From A Photo Using Conceptualized Forms Combined With Comparative Measuring

Which is the Best Drawing Approach for YOU?

How to draw the human figure from imagination | Master the Mannequin

How to Match Any Color with Oil Paint

The Color Mixing Masterclass

History’s deadliest colors - J. V. Maranto

A simple way to use color palettes

How to Pick Colours for Your Art

10 Colour Schemes You've (probably) Never Heard Of!

Ultimate Optical Illusion Artist Face - and how to overcome it

color checker — the basics

how to make a color checker out of wood

How To Use a Wooden Drawing Mannequin

How to Draw the Human Form with a Mannequin

Unboxing & Drawing with EXPENSIVE drawing models